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      I am writing on this forum because I know you are an animal lover. Recently, a new law in Romania says that if a stray dog is not adopted in 14 days from being caught, he will be put down. Probably this is true in a lot of countries, the difference is that here there are tens of thousands stray dogs, a lot of them are often beaten on the streets, killed, shot etc. The official government funded organization for animal control and protection is anything but that, large amounts of money have gone into officials pockets, money that should have went to the sterilization of these dogs which in time would help reduce their number. Now the same organization will be responsible for the mass euthanasia, it is well know that they are abusive to the animals, beating them and killing them in violent ways. this is when they did not have to euthanize them, now since they will get paid for putting down each dog, you can imagine the slaughter, there are pictures on the internet showing dogs killed that make you sick. What I ask of you is to promote this issue, to promote adoption of these animals, there are to many to be adopted within the country, but at an international level, more of them can be saved. PETA apparently is not interested in the matter, they do not think the murder of 100.000 dogs is their problem. There are NGO's that are trying to save them, so please, promote the adoption of stray dogs from Romania. It is not their fault for being born!!! Thank you in advance!

      I ask this also from any animal lover on this forum or just from any decent human being. Please find below some links, please tell people about this!

        They need a funded SPCA in Romania.

          They have something called ASPA and it is financed by the state budget, but they are the killers, the beasts.
          This is not event about euthanasia anymore, one positive thing is that a lot of dogs are being adopted in this period by Romanians, Germans, Greeks, French etc. I know so many people that are willing to pay money each month to support a dog in a shelter, I think things are really moving. Once again the problem is with authorities, the animals are captured in violent ways, there have been reports of them taking the dogs from their owners while walking them. The "shelters" are horrible, they are not given food or water, they sleep in their own feces and are abused. For Bucharest for example they have two shelters and accounts about them are dreadful, people that go there to take dogs are treated like garbage, they do not allow you to take pictures or film there, this is all on public funds, they take in a lot of money for these animals and they beat them,torture and starve them.

          The image above is taken recently of a dog in a shelter in Craiova, the lady that took the picture said that one dog take out of there died soon after from STARVATION. Do you think that this people EUTHANSIE them? There are reports of dogs killed in one of the shelters with shovels.
          Please promote this as much as you can, dogs are being adopted but authorities are not willing to help. Please distribute this link on facebook(https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...type=1&theater).
          write to any public figure in your country that could promote this, show them to the world and perhaps it will change.
          It does not even matter if you are an animal lover or not, you know it is not humane.
          Also in Craiova: