Never knew Paul used ear protection during live and let die


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      Fast forward to about 4:10 in this video to see Paul insert ear plugs between the songs Let it Be and Live and Let Die...as an aside, this is just a point of interest and not meant as some sort of slight at Paul (I'd wear ear plugs if I was that close to those explosions)


        Yeah...ever since they started that new into. I guess they needed extra music to give him time to put them in AND take them out at the end of the song.

          I almost misread this by leaving out the word ear!

              Nancy R:I almost misread this by leaving out the word ear!

              hahaha weeellll Those explosions ARE pretty intense...

                Paul might be inserting in-ear monitors so that he can hear what he and the other musicians are playing over the noise from the pyrotechnics etc. I'm not sure they are solely to protect his hearing.


                (I haven't time to view the footage to see what he is inserting)

                  I'd bet they are just ear plugs.

                    oobu24:I'd bet they are just ear plugs.

                    I think so, they look just like regular ear plugs to me.

                      I have been right up front and across from those loud explosions and you need ear protection that is for sure I thought it cinched my hair it was so hot.