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      I have been vegetarian for six weeks now and have no inkling going back to eating meat. Loving all the new recipes I'm eating. So is my wife. Should have done this a long time ago!

        I cut out red meat from my regimen and noticed a difference almost immediately! I do use ground turkey, though. I still eat fish and poultry.

        Ground turkey is excellent. You can make Lebanese Kibbeh, which I especially love with ground turkey instead of beef or lamb. You can enjoy turkey chili, which is quite good. So is tofu chili. You can do just about anything with tofu.

        Dr. Oz said recently that red meat is an inflammatory agent and for those who feel they can't go without it, to cut down to just 1 weekly serving of red meat. He recommended ground turkey as a substitute and the funny thing is, I've been cooking with ground turkey for years !

        Once I eliminated red meat from my diet, I immediately (within 24 hours) felt worlds better. My injured knee has gone almost back to normal (pre-injury status) by about 92%. I drink lots of water, thus hydrating my skin. It made a BIG difference!

          I'm going on my 10th year very soon! I'll never turn back either. I feel great!