Should Alligator Have Been Killed?


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      A man from South Carolina told about finding a huge alligator in his pond near his house and showed pictures of the dead giant reptile. The game warden had been called, and shot and killed the creature. I didn't want to see the pictures.
      The alligator had killed fish and ducks in the pond, and the couple just didn't like knowing it was that close to their home. You read accounts of gators running up to a person walking along and killing the person. Their glee over the incident still seemed somewhat unsettling. One of their son asked the game warden for some gator meat to make sandwiches out of it !! I'd heard of people eating gator, especially in S.C.
      I couldn't help but say something about making belts, purses, boots, jackets, shoes, etc. from gator hide, that sort of thing is hot right now in fashion, animal prints. But I felt guilty saying it.
      Do you think this gator should have been killed?

        No feedback--is that because you can't get all warm and fuzzy over alligators

          Could the alligator not have stunned and taken somewhere else?

            I don't know. They seemed to take it for granted that of course it should have been killed. Maybe there wasn't anywhere to take it.

            The thought of eating a gator sandwich (shudders) really makes me want to be a veggie

              I don't think the gator should have been killed. It could have been taken to a gator reserve for instance. The glee over killing the gator disturbs me. As for eating gator meat, I think that's gross. I know people do eat it, but, I certainly wouldn't and never have. I'm thinking part of the reason that people are becoming vegetarian and more people are not eating meat is the way animals are slaughtered and treated.