Sir Paul Speaks and Sings About Meat Free Monday


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      ?I find so many people want to do their bit,? said the former Beatle, ?but they don?t know how to do it?but this is a very doable idea that people, when they get into it, love! They start thinking about what they are going to eat on Monday, they have to actually think about what they are eating. It?s all really very interesting. It?s very compassionate to animals, obviously, it?s very good for your health, and moreover, in this context, it?s damn good for the planet!?

        I have some meat-free days but I feel hollow if I don't eat meat. I'm thin but I eat a lot. If I were to become a vegetarian it had to be for the animals, eating some very nice and sympathetic animals... but I'm not so fond of cooking.

          Some weeks I only eat meat a couple of days. Yesterday I had 3 strips of bacon though (at a Waffle House) Sorry "Piggies."

            I don't eat red meat due to the fact that my system has a very difficult time processing red blood cells. Free range chicken & fish from time to time. Get most of my protein from quinoa, lentils & assorted beans.

              I wouldn't mind eating meat-free for life if those who make the decisions would get their issues sorted. Too many of the substitute foods have a problem with deciding whether they are "meat-free" or "salt-free". Or "Fat-Free". Or "Gluten-Free", "Sugar-Free", "Caramel-Free" or "Starch-Free". Or whether they mean to serve any food at all. And then, what's left is some kind of soybean plastic-bland drek. Why soybeans? Why not use the veggies and grains that they used to feed the animals? Before soybeans became a cheap cattle feed?

              A meat substitute should provide the same food value, however, I once crashed on vegi-dogs that were only 70 calories as a substitute for what should have been 120 calories per serving with Essential fats and oils retained. Some of those so-called "objectionable ingredients" are necessary for survival, though they need not be from animal products.

              There are a few excellent options out there, like the "Haines faux Brown Gravy" for flavoring (still soy-something), but the best way to go is to figure out how to make your own.