Former President Bill Clinton has become a Vegan


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      This man will do more for Vegetarianism than anyone around. Paul would be proud!

        I read that too, Randy, just yesterday in fact, online. Clinton had always been quite a chow hound favoring all sorts of junk food...so this is a sea change for him, and he claims he really loves fruits, veggies and beans now. A vegan can't have dairy, even low fat versions, or eggs, I'd forgotten about that.( Paul's a vegetarian, 'cause I've read he likes Quiche Lorraine.)
        Bill Clinton has obviously been frightened by his heart trouble, and wants to stick around a long time to enjoy his exciting stimulating life. I hope he "spreads the word" widely too, Randy

          Krispy Kreme doughnuts are high in eggs, so I guess he's given them up as well.

          Gotta watch the dietary phosphate level and blood-phosphate levels with heart problems. Too high and the phosphates overtake the necessary salts (electrolytes) while the kidneys can shut down meaning that the only exit route is by throwing up (lavage with warm water), that is, barring more exotic medical or surgical techniques.

          The phosphates are necessary, but are reportedly only a dietary trace element. Funny thing is, Clinton's former love of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the darn things are loaded with phosphates as a leavening and as preservatives. Except for calcium phosphate, the other alkaline or di-hydrogen phosphates (found in many frozen potato products including french fries) are caustic and as a food additive are limited to no more than 1% concentration in our foods because the caustic phosphates have a tendency to attack mucous membranes and strip them.
          The caustic phosphates' chemical property is that of an oxidizing bleach and ends up in our white hair. And when foods and drinks contain Phosphoric Acid, the acid will convert electrolyte salts to phosphates.

          I had to quit eating and drinking foods which contain them after figuring out that they were contributing to my Ulcers. Part of the reason I figured this out is, there was a kid in my 5th grade class who had hemorrhaging
          problems due to mucous membrane loss and was ordered by the school doctor to avoid processed sliced cheese. After I developed an ulcer, I found it was greatly aggravated by sliced cheese which contains sodium phosphates, and sure enough, eliminating phosphate additives and colas containing phosphoric acid from my diet helped in stabilizing the ulcers, but the first sign of a perforated ulcer which I experienced was an apparent heart attack caused by massive internal bleeding and a very messed up stomach containing violently hot stomach acid caused by the inability to eliminate caustic phosphates through normal means.

            Wow don't you mean a Vulcan

              Good for him!

              If you really think about it, eating meat is kind of gross!

              The other day, a friend of my mine sent me a picture of an uncooked piece of tripe. (Tripe is the cow stomach and used in a popular Mexican soup called "Menudo".)

              Anyways, it grossed me out so much, I literally wanted to throw up! (I don't think I'll be eating, "Menudo" in a long, long time!