Veggies on Turkey Day?


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      What do vegetarians think and feel about Thanksgiving which is often called "Turkey Day"? They have to see and read things about that famous big bird being cooked and eaten. And of course, being killed first Turkey shoots are held, sometimes at churches! An all fruits, veggies and whole grains, good carbs, Thanksgiving dinner is a grand alternative, but how often do these transpire? Probably more often than one would think.
      What are you having to eat this Thanksgiving?

        I guess traditions are traditions; I work in a place of food service so I am well use to handling it all. I can still get enough satisfaction just by eating the side dishes.

          I will not be eating turkey although it will be served where I am going. I eat the side dishes and pumpkin pie and enjoy my family.

            It's a stupid tradition. Just like every other tradition that involves the killing and abuse of animals (circus, rodeo, bullfighting, etc).

              My mom loves the veggies coming for dinner because somebody actually will eat her side dishes she makes. the omnivores don't eat them until the next day with the leftovers.

              she's yelling at me for not inviting my veggie ex this christmas. He comes every year and she loves serving him her creative foods but I didn't feel like seeing him.

                Ironically, I became a vegetarian on Thanksgiving. I figured if I could give up my grandmother's stuffing and turkey, and my Polish grandmother's kielbasa, I could give up meat with no problem.

                I've taken to calling Thanksgiving Tofurkey day, correcting people who call if Turkey Day. It gets my students asking me questions about being vegetarian, if nothing else, and I've been able to convert a few to the cause that way, not through pressuring, but just by talking about why I've chosen to not eat meat.