Vegetarian panels at science fiction conventions


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      When I first got into going to Science Fiction convetions some umpteen years ago, I had issues with the fact that every one of those geeks didn't pay any attention to what they ate or cared about their physical health or saw the connection between what they ate and their health nor did they seem to care about the planet.

      It used to bother me a bit though I rarely talked about it except to tease the ones who wouldn't eat vegetables about having the taste buds of a child. (One even said to me that he respected me for not pushing my views on others).
      Many of my friends were strictly into the mind and didn't care much else about Spirit or Body (Though they did care about community or they wouldn't be at a convetion)

      Boy, the difference time can make. This past weekend was Penguicon and they had a panel called, "Vegetarian Food that Doesn't Suck" where you got to try some stuff. For most, it was a first-time experience of eating anything meatless.
      they also have Motor-City Free Geek, an organization that among other things is working on evironmental issues such as recycling computer and electronic parts.
      I guess there is hope for the world still to some degree.