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      I realize this may not be the place for this but the contact forms on the website are not working which is a second issue that needs addressing.

      I have downloaded the Hi-Res files for the Band on The Run Archive Collection three times this past weekend and each copy has been corrupt and now I am out of downloads. Not that that matters because all of the downloads have been corrupt in the same exact way. So it appears the files on the server are damaged. Who can I contact to get this resolved and get a working copy of the downloads..


        Hi Len,

        Welcome to the message board!

        So sorry to learn you are experiencing an issue with your download. :sad:

        For assistance, you may contact Topspin Customer Support here:

        I hope this information helps and all is resolved swiftly!


          Thanks, I have contacted them. Now having issues with Pipes of Peace as well.

            Hi Len,

            You're welcome, my pleasure!

            Once again, so sorry to learn you are experiencing an issue with your download.

            Support for downloading "Pipes of Peace" is managed by Dropcards.

            Dropcards FAQ section may be found here:

            If the solution to your problem is not found within Dropcards FAQ sections, you may contact Dropcards Customer Support for further assistance here:

            I hope this information helps and resolution is swift!