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Posted by calicoskych2001

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      Hello folks,
      This is the first time the download is not working. Seems to be a new system. When I go to redeem says to log in with an account and lists several. I choose facebook. Then a screen comes up and asks for email. I type in email and says "email already in use" and nothing happens.

      Anyone else having problems with the Venus and Mars redemption? Any fixes?



        Welcome to the message board!

        Sorry to learn that you are experiencing an issue with your download. :sad:

        I have just visited the Redeem feature and did not experience the issue of which you write.

        To redeem your download please visit:

        Topspin Paul McCartney FAQ section may be found here:

        Topspin general download FAQ section may be found here:

        If the solution to your problem is not found within Topspin's FAQ sections, you may contact Topspin Customer Support for further assistance here:

        Members who have reported issues in the past have often found success downloading with an alternate browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

        Please note, if you enter your redemption code several times in an effort to download (unsuccessfully), you will need to contact Topspin Customer Support to obtain a new code.

        I hope this information helps.


          Thanks for all the help! I tried all your solutions and nothing. I went to firefox and the same process came up where it asks me to log into an account via facebook, google, twitter, etc. I have never been asked that before when redeeming from the deluxe box sets. So I choose Facebook and nothing happens. Stays on the login window.

          I sent an email to support.

          Thanks for your help. Seems like they have changed the system. Before with the other box sets I just hit redeem and it didn't ask me to log in to anything.

            You're welcome!

            I wish I could walk you through the process, but I am unable to recreate the issue on my end.

            Hopefully Topspin will have the issue resolved very soon.


              Have just purchased the deluxe edition of Venus and Mars, and was looking forward to downloading the hi-def version, but that is where my problems begin.  Unlike previous albums i.e. Speed of Sound which were downloadd no problem this time nothing but difficulties, it keeps asking for the network used to create account when entered just keeps going to start page this is very annoying. I expected better.

              Have tried all the things suggested on the Top Spin site but to no avail. have sent requests for help from Top

              Spin but they haven't or will not reply, very disappointing.

              I know you can only use the code so many times before you have request another one but if they will not answer my emails not much hope. 

              Hope you can help or shed some light on the problem.


              John C

                Hello John and welcome to the message board

                I realise that the topic your thread has been merged into is almost two years old. Unfortunately I cannot add any further advice other than my co-moderator Anita has provided in her first reply to the thread's creator.

                  Please contact webmaster@paulmccartney.com  They will be able to help you!​​​​​​​