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      Just thought I'd report that Paul's webpage can't get a connection on Firefox. I can get to the board though but not his webpage.

        Hi Kathryn,

        Thanks so much for the heads-up!

        I am currently browsing with Firefox and able to access the main site without issue. Are you still experiencing this issue now? If so, have you tried clearing cookies?


          Yeah, I've tried clearing cookies. It says Firefox can't establish a connection with the server. Thank god the board is fine for me

            Thanks again, Kathryn!

            Just now once again gained access to the main site with Firefox...strange! I will forward your report to admin. In the meantime, have you tried gaining access with another browser such as IE, Google Chrome, etc?


              Yes, I use explorer and it works fine but it's so insecure

                still no connection on Firefox

                  Hi Kathryn,

                  So sorry to learn that you continue to experience issues gaining access to the main site browsing with Firefox. I have reported your experience to admin. Thus far, we have not received any other reports of the same from members either privately or here within this thread. I am currently able to access the main site via Firefox. Without other reports, at this point we would treat this issue as specific to you. I am not a technical support expert and therefore would suggest that you seek support from Mozilla Firefox and/or from your technical support expert.

                  When experiencing this issue in the past, we, the mod/admin team, have found that deleting cookies has resolved this issue for us. If deleting cookies does not help, which you have indicated that it has not, you may also try clearing the Firefox cache and removing recent history. Mozilla Firefox Support easily walks you through this process.

                  Mozilla Support:


                  Instructions for deleting cookies:


                  Instructions for clearing the Firefox cache:


                  Instructions for clearing history:


                  Hope this helps.


                    OK, this is a weird twist:

                    When I type in www.paulmccartney.com in my address bar, it can't connect with the server. but I click on a link from facebook, and it works in Firefox.

                    odd that.