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      Oh I have her album, bought it when I heard her second song "Lost without you".

      Delta has such talent! so much beter than Kylie! Have you seen her new film clip, she jus filmed it and was doing it while she was under her kemo thrapy. I love number 14 on the album.

        oh yeh, Paul you gotta come to australua asap!

          She sure is a BIG talent, and is pretty inspirational the way she's handling the Hodgkinson's thing.

          Haven't seen the new clip no, but heard about it. Gotta tip your hat to that.

          Definitely wish her well in her recovery!


          P.S. Paul, PLEASE come to OZ!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<<<============

            Hey Chriska your a south Aussie, Right?

            Paul come to Adelaide, we looooooooooove you!

              Yeah, but probably not what you mean when you say "South" - I'm from Hobart, Tasmania )

              Why's that?


              P.S. Paul, please come to Aus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                I thought you were, Ive never been to tazzie!

                Ive been rather crook lately so yeh!

                  I thought you were, Ive never been to tazzie!

                  No worries!!

                  You'd probably like Tas. Tis a nice place really. Ain't too many opportunities for employment right now though, so I'm gonna be moving on next year.

                  Ive been rather crook lately so yeh!

                  Sorry to hear it. A flu? Hope ya get better soon.


                  P.S. Paul please come to Australia - You know you wanna!!

                    Paul you should seriously come to australia! We love you so much!!!!

                    What do you think of Regina? The one off big brother!?

                      Gotta admit that the voice was a bit of a throwoff at first, but it's hard not to like someone like Reg. Just a good, simple lady with a great sense of humour!!


                      P.S. Paul.............You know!

                        Did you see her on rove live. Did you see the bit when she said she was gonna fix the fence with the money. She's so cute! We had Joanne, I found her so embarassing! Daniel was a ledgand though!

                        Paul, Honey, Come To Australia!

                          Yeah, I think so. She's a good gal.

                          I actually could of seen her in the mall over here. Was going to the net cafe and I saw all these people running past me with Regie Heads. Heard her on the mike from the net cafe.

                          As for Jo, I'm a guy, so I gotta say I enjoyed watching her for reasons I won't elaborate on. Feel sorry for her fella though.

                          Daniel was a funny guy. That's for real!!


                          P.S. Paul.................................

                            This Board is quite successful between us two!

                            Two of us!

                            soz, I dont know why other aussies dont show their support. Thats rather sad.

                            Paul Come to Australia!

                              Yeah, it is a bit of a shame. I guess a lot of people were pretty hurt by the cancellation (me included, but I'm over it), but still.

                              Looks like it'll be us front row and centre should an Aussie tour happen! THAT I could handle )


                                Yeh but I still love Paul

                                we're such loyal fans! Go us!


                                  How's your weekend been?


                                  P.S. Paul you know you wanna do it. Ya might as well just give in to temptation. You rock anyways - if ya come here or not.

                                    Ive been sick for about two weeks and my grams is dying. So not too good! Fathers day tomorrow!!!! What are you doing for your dad?

                                    Happy Fathers Day Paul!

                                      GEEZ, I'm really sorry to hear that. Prolly unlikely, but if there's anything I can do to help out, please tell me.

                                      We're taking my Dad a box of beer, and also some music. I've made him up a George Harrison complilation so far. Gonna make a few more up.

                                      How about you?


                                      P.S. Paul.................

                                        I've made him a the who cd! lollies, an dold tin I found in an antique shop and a poem!

                                          Very cool!! I'm sure he would've like that?

                                          I always end up giving my immediate family music - is the best gift i think.


                                          P.S. Carn paul )

                                            Yeh, Music is good and everybody loves it!

                                            My dad liked it!

                                            Luv Belinda

                                            p.s Paul, We luv you and wants you to visit us. Chriska and I