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      I busted out laughing when I realized I've been posting here almost nine years, but felt like cryin' when I realized I'd had over 600 back pages in my archive or whatever you call it and now have just 325 pages or something like that--it really hurts me whenever some of my writings are lost. Course I should have had a printer and printed it all out. I feel like some good stuff vanished into the ethers. Now the back pages begin at year 2012 on the forums. Why did this occur, because of bandwidth issues and the like? I thought this site's owner whom I assume is Paul Mc. has more than enough financial resources to buy all the bandwidth in the world, well, you know what I mean. I should have just written down my favorite threads I contributed here, all their contents, it's rewarding to write things down by hand the old-fashioned way and then I'd still have my writings which have disappeared. Are everyone's still somewhere, somehow and can be retrieved? I feel numb, by sheer force of will am not allowing myself to really feel this (to me) tremendous loss. I was reading "Many Years From Now" earlier today (re-reading) and thinking those 600 pages of mine could have comprised a similar tome on Macca. Or even two or three. For me, if for no-one else. Barry Miles sort of co-authored "Many Years From Now" with Macca to be Paul's autobiography. Thanks for info.

        He could afford it if he wanted to!

        Just like our Pioneer membership. Whatever happened to that?

          maccascruff:He could afford it if he wanted to!

          Just like our Pioneer membership. Whatever happened to that?


            I can't believe I fussed at Macca

              SusyLuvsPaul:I can't believe I fussed at Macca

              I thought you were fussing with the people that run this forum, not Macca!

                Oh yeah, guess you're right ops: It's the magic Macca man's site, so I laid the blame on his bonnie shoulders, which probably isn't fair.

                  It is fair to fuss at Macca. Ultimately, he or his people make the decisions about this forum.

                    Well, my bad, turns out I may not have racked up 600 pages in there, at all. My eyes might have played tricks on me when I thought I saw that number, that time. Maybe all my stuff's still there