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      iv been trying to order mccartney cd and mccartney2 but i just keep getting a huge picture of either album and nowhere to click to buy them. its like some of it is missing or its too big for my screen. hope some one can help.


        That's how each page loads - with a large album cover image.

        However we are then able to scroll down to view the promotional page that exists below which carries the order selection menus to further your order.

        It all opens on the same page.

        Are you unable to scroll down?


          thanks for reply. no it wont let me scroll down far enough

            I 'm afraid that seems to be an issue with your browser and or PC, as the issue seems to be unique to you.

            Do you have an alternate browser available on your PC such as Firefox or Google Chrome to try?

            Otherwise access to another PC?


              i think i will have to try another pc then.thanks for the help.