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      a few days ago i changed my notifications to cancel email notification for replies to topics i've posted in but i'm still getting them. I definitely saved the changes and it's been set to NO for the past few days. Does anyone know why this is? thanks.

        While you have cancelled the universal request for notifications you may still have to cancel any individual thread requests you set up.

        Open up any such thread and look at the small link lowest left on the page.

        Does it still say "Stop watching this topic" ?

        Try clicking it again and it should then read "Watch this topic for replies" to indicate the notification request has been cancelled.

        Try that and feed back.


          O.K thanks

            lol I didn't even know you can get notifications. The box is checked in my profile but I never get any. Apparently this site doesn't like my e-mail addy cause I don't get any news updates or whatever is send out every now and then as well.
            And NO, they do NOT end up in my spam box

              There is another option you could try, which has worked for a couple of people who had similar problems in not receiving notifications. You could either change your email address on the board altogether and hopefully then be able to collect your notifications from that address (I know it may not be ideal but it's an option).

              Clearly though many people like to conduct their daily emails from one main email address so the other alternative is that you set up another email address just purely for the board and then setyour email settings in that new address to "forward" emails from the board to your main email address. I know of a couple of people who have done that and they have then received the "forwarded" email notifications without any problem, so it may be worth consideration.

              If you did want to give that a go and change your email address either pm me first or write to mccartneymail@yahoo.com, as changing the address yourself may deactivate your account.