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      wow, what flashy fancy new clever visual and audio and text offerings before you get to the main site, now, i can't get the very first thing with the big number '3' to work though--what does it show? it's the 'intro'--
      i can get the other stuff and am thrilled & impressed
      way to go, bro

        The page always freezes on me. I've yet to see all of its bells n' whistles.

        I've just been hitting the ''Skip Intro'' link and call it a day, unfortunately.

        I'm sure it has SOMETHING to do with Windows Vista. I'd bet anything on it.

          I have Vista and get to view the intro film but with a buffering lag but the technical aspects are beyond me.

          If you are having problems you can skip the stages with these links:

          Into the promotional page for the CD/DVD release - which features a gallery, the video of Highway, the opportunity to download a preview song and video, details of Paul's upcoming tour and the current news items:


          And this link to enter the "normal" web-site which still carries all the details you need:


          I can't recommend skipping the intro pages as I don't know if other exclusives will be added at any time in the future, but these links may assist.



              I hate hate hate what's been happening on my computer if i click on my bookmarked Paul McCartney.com page. Freezes... nothing happens, etc. I now google Paul McCartney.com forum if i want to view the board pages. Click on the link that says "You have been banned from this site">>> That always cracks me up. Wonder what they did to get that message from the moderators????????????????????????

              Anyway those of you in Paul Land controlling the site.....please change it. It's not working

                It works great for me, but I have a Mac.

                  We have a Mac too and it's freezing on us.