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      hola la verdad espero y me contesten bueno es el domingo16 de mayo hiba acompar un paquete vip pero el link estaba cerrado

      Lo uniko que les pido es k komo lo puedo conseguir , ya se que falta una semana pero de verdad lo quiero tengo la tarjeta de credito para comprarla solo espero que me consten y que si puedn darme una notica faborable acerca de eso


        muchisimas gracias por contestarme la unika cosa que mando esta email es que todavia nome aparece el link el cual me parce que decia buy tickets now y de ai te mandaba a elegir tu asiento y tu numero de tarjeta etc.ESE ES EL MOTIVO

        Laverdad estoy muy interasado por estar en el sound chek el 28 de mayo por favor ayudenme POR FAVOR


          I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly as I don't speak Spanish ops:. However if you are trying for a VIP package for May 28th, I am afraid they are no longer available.


            Already I write in English , my doubt is this you cannot help me your or anybody to enter the sound check on May 28 in mexico, please the truth is that I it want to see, and I could not obtain the package for which already retired habian please, looks I am going to go to the concert on May 27 but the truth was and I am with the illusion of going to the sound check, not if you could help your me to contact someone or they can help me or that I can do to see it please

            Thank you the truth I am going to be be very grateful eternally

              Sorry to hear you were unable to buy a VIP package.

              Sadly that is the only way to get entry to sound-check, it would be unfair on those buying entry to allow others in.

              The Admin and Mod team here do not have access to Paul's team to make any requests of this nature - indeed our forum rules say that we cannot pass on messages of any nature to Paul and his management team.

              So we are unable to assist your query any further.