we have no other option then to cancel your booking ????


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      hi everybody
      i'm italian, on 23th of april i've bought (and payed!!!) 2 tickets for london's Hyde park concert. and today i receive this email:

      Dear Customer,
      As no tickets have arrived from our supplier to meet your booking, we have contacted them and they have informed us that the tickets will not be sent to you because of a shortfall of tickets, we have no other option then to cancel your booking. We are no longer in business with the company that charged you, so please contact your card issuer/bank directly to receive your money back. We are very sorry for the late news regarding this.

      Robert Mancer
      Customer Services

      i hope to get from you a prompt answer. this is unacceptable, i've booked the flight and the hotel to see this concert.

        Hi and welcome to the board

        as much as we understand your frustration and disappointment, I am afraid we can't help you or anyone who bought tickets through www.paulmccartneylive.net . PAULMcCARTNEY.COM (our web site) is not associated with the site you ordered your tickets from.

        Please take a look at this thread here:


        and especially my co-moderator Martin's post.

        Thank you.