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      I miss this @ home ...no trouble still @ work...nothing helps @ home

        I still can't get here with IE 10...on this computer. I use chrome here. I have another laptop & can use IE on that one. (don't know which version).

          wingsdgm:I miss this @ home ...no trouble still @ work...nothing helps @ home

          Hi Don,

          So sorry to learn that you continue to experience issues from home. Earlier, we discussed trying an alternate browser, deleting cookies, and clearing cache and history. You have indicated that none of these suggestions have brought forth a resolution. What about the link used to arrive here? Are you by any chance using an older link at home, perhaps one that is saved in favorites/bookmarks? This is the current link to reach the message board:


          Also discussed earlier, the issue with your password. Do you have your password saved? If so, try clearing your saved password prior to attempting log in.

          Fingers crossed that perhaps these suggestions may be helpful.