Error/Omission in Montreal Setlist (August 12, 2010 concert)


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      I'm not sure if this is the right place to notify the webmaster, but if it isn't, perhaps a Moderator or Board Administrator can pass on this message to the PaulMcCartney.com webmaster?

      Several of us "boardies" have noticed that there is a song missing from the setlist of the Montreal Bell Centre concert (August 12, 2010)


      After Eleanor Rigby and just before Something, Paul took an audience request (much to our delight!) and sang Ram On (in its entirety!)

      I'm guessing that it's probably just an omission because Ram On wasn't on the original setlist scheduled to be performed that night ... but can someone please add the song title in there?

      Thank you in advance!

      And thank you sooo much to Paul for coming to perform for us in Montreal! It was his second Montreal appearance in his solo career and the entire city was so excited that he was coming to Montreal. The show was completely sold out in less than 20 minutes!

      I saw him perform with the Beatles in 1964 and hadn't had an opportunity to see him again anywhere (just not lucky enough to get tickets) until this August 12th concert, two days ago in my home town of Montreal. I was able to get tickets to this concert through the PM.com fan club pre-sale and I am still floating on cloud nine!

        I see that Ram On has been added into the Montreal setlist now.

        Thank you!


          And while they're on it... ;)

          "San Francisco Bay Blues" for San Francisco.

          "Ram On" at Cardiff, London, Salt Lake City, Denver, Nashville, Charlotte, Montreal, Philadelphia (both nights).

          "Tequila" at London and Nashville.