A question regarding the PM facebook site.


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      I have no idea where to put this query, so can only think of putting it here...

      So, do any of the moderators on this forum, also moderate the Paul McCartney page on facebook?

      I'm noticing a lot of negative and abusive statements on which I deem as a fan page but they don't seem to be getting deleted, or blocked? It's causing 'flame wars'and doesn't make good reading.

      Hey! I'm open to debate and not everyone agrees on everything but that page as some right a$$hats on it!


        no, our moderator team does not moderate Paul's facebook site. However we have been alerted about the abuse and have passed on the information.

          Hey! Thanks for replying to my query. I'm glad the facebook site owners have been alerted.

          It's so uncomfortable to read on there!

          Least you guys are doing a good job on here, it's jolly more pleasant to be on here more!