Can I change my signature w/out my account being deactivated


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      Last time I tried to change my profile or signature my account was deactivated.
      Will this happen if I do it again?
      I'd like to change something on my signature but dont want my account to be deactivated.

        A mod can give you a better answer, but mine was only deactivated when I changed my email address.


          Yes, you should be able to change your signature without being deactivated. If you do ever become deactivated though for any reason (as mentioned by Maccascruff changing email address can cause deactivation) just write to:


          giving full details of the problem and the matter will be dealt with



            Thanks, Fi, for the address. That is a different one than I wrote to the last time I changed my email address.

            I changed my signature this morning just to test and, as you can see, it didn't deactivate my account.