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      when I try to post it will almost always say invallid post then I hit resubmit sometimes several times, then it will turn to a blue screen and I'm all of a sudden not logged in. I will log in and try to repost sometimes it lets me sometimes it don't. Also I thought I would check out the tickets for the Vagas show and clicked on find tickets, but TM says tickets are not available even though the times & dates say they should be. Am I doing something wrong?


        Sorry to hear of your problems today.

        The message board is working fine for me, we usually advise either clearing cookies or rebooting your PC to address any problems on your PC, but that's all we can advise at distance.

        I've checked out TicketMaster the tickets are on sale but many categories are probably exhausted now - I did get seats offered in the general seating area though.

        Remember this is a single night in a US venue - not even a large seater stadium either - pre-sale seats will sell out rapidly.


          Thanks Martin TM is working now but the posting is still hard to do. I have cleared cookies but that didn't help either. Anyway thanks for your help.

            I looked at TM itself (not the pre-sale) through here after I saw this in the early afternoon and could have purchased singles or pairs that weren't too bad. I didn't look for any higher number of tickets.