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      Why does it say wrong e-mail when i try to get to get onto the ticket site?

        mojo64:Why does it say wrong e-mail when i try to get to get onto the ticket site?


        Welcome to the message board!

        So sorry to learn you are experiencing an issue. Based on your location, I am guessing you are attempting to obtain tickets for Paul's Fenway Park concert? Are you attempting to purchase tickets via the link at the main site? If so, you need to enter the email address you have registered at the main site. As you are new to this message board, perhaps you have not yet registered at the main site? If not, you may do so here:


        You may purchase tickets directly here:


        Unfortunately, it appears as though other than the VIP Hot Sound package, alternate ticket options are no longer available for this concert at this time. Please continue to check back as additional tickets are often released as the concert date arrives.


        The ticketing system currently indicates that no seats are available for this event. Please try back at a later time, select a different event, or use the customer service link above to contact customer service.

        If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

        Best of luck obtaining tickets and please enjoy the message board!