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      Hi all,

      after dedicating much of her spare time to this message board for over nine years, Fiona has now resigned from her job as Board Admin.

      I'm sure you will all want to join me in thanking her for everything she has done for our community

      Personally I have lost a colleague who was absolutely fantastic to work with but I'm happy and grateful that Fi and I have become close enough over the time we have worked together on here that we both feel we're friends for life.

      Thanks ((((((((((((((Fi)))))))))))))), and happy retirement!


        Thanks Fiona For All Your Work On Here!

          Thanks for recognising Fi's contribution, Liz.

          I think Fi was modestly hoping to tip-toe away without any fanfare, but she's given so much time and energy to the board it would be completely inappropriate

          So "Thank's Fi" for all your work, especially your personal support and encouragement leading to my recent upgrade in status.

          Enjoy your new freedom but definately keep in touch with the board


            Thank U Very Much Fiona for everything you have done to make this board a better place. I am sure it hasn't always been easy or even pleasant, in spite of all the good things.
            Enjoy your freedom and keep enjoying the board as a fellow member. Have fun

              Thank you very much Fiona! The news that you resigned as a mod was a complete shock to me!!!

              This board is going more and more down the drain!

                I know I don't get on here often, but I'd like to say thanks too (((((Fi)))))

                Now we are the Famous Retired Groupies together!! but Famous Groupies we'll always be ;)


                  Thank you so much ((((((((((((((Liz))))))))))))) for starting this thread up, I really appreciate it. It's been a joy and complete pleasure working with you and we will always be great friends and I know we will be in touch regularly ;)

                  And a special thanks too to ((((((((((((Sarah))))))))))))) as we were the first ever mods on here and you are soooo right, we will always be Famous Groupies, even in retirement Speak to you soon! ;)

                  And ((((((((((((Martin)))))))))))) thank you too, you have been great to work with and I know you will be a great support to Liz

                  And to (((((((((((everyone)))))))))))) else, thank you for your comments

                  I'd also like to thank (((((((all))))))) the other mods and admin who I have worked with over the years

                  I've really enjoyed myself working on here, it's been a great nine years but now I'm very ready for a rest I've made some great friends and I'll still be on here posting plenty ;)

                  thanks again,


                    (((Fi))) thanks for your hard work & enjoy your 'retirement'.


                      Thank You Fiona
                      This board is a great place to be and Thank You for your hard work too.

                        Thank you ((((((((( Fi ))))))))))

                          Fiona, thank you for your years of dedication to the message board - very well done!

                          Enjoy your new-found free time to the fullest!!!

                            Thanks to all!

                            I'll kill 3 birds with one stone. Thanks to Fi, congrats to Martin & TLP.

                              yes THANK YOU ((((((fiona)))))) ...on your service of 9????years???? ....you shouldve stayed for 10.....wouldve probably gotten a special award from Sir Paul. ...in any event...thanks for a job well done.

                                A little late : Thanks Fi

                                  Thanks ((((((((((everyone))))))))))) for all the lovely messages

                                    Thank you Fiona for all the work you have done for us over the years and thank for helping me to become a Moderator! We miss you already!

                                    Mr. Spock

                                      Thanks Fiona.. Also, thanks for your friendship over these years when I started out knowing nothing . however, learning something.

                                      Cheers to you by old wingspan buddy.