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      It is a bit frustrating to try and pre order the deluxe versions of McCartney & McCartney II for the special price 95,99 (Europe) and find one of them to be "out of stock".

      How can a product not released yet, which I'm am told to pre order be "out of stock"??

      And since the special price ends this weekend I guess there is nothing you can do about it? Ah, well...


        We don't represent Paul or Topspin and have no contacts to seek answers to the query you've posted.

        But I do note the deluxe edition has been listed, since the promotion was posted, as a "limited and numbered" edition.

        If that limit has been reached and the product is genuinely out of stock we can but hope that further copies are manufactured - after all no particular quantity of the edition was announced.

        However they have been on sale through that promotion with that "limited edition" tag since 27th April, so it seems reasonable notice was given of the limited nature of the edition.

        Hopefully continued demand may trigger a rethink and a further reprint made -after all this edition is really a high quality book that happens to carry three discs as well - an expensive process that may have led to the decision to limit the production.

        You might try other retailers, on-line or in store, they may have secured stock ahead of launch causing the shortage seen.


          Today I received a promotional e-mail from Amazon UK featuring both deluxe versions so there are still copies available.