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      Hey, I went to Paul's homepage this morning. Saw the news clip about him waking up the astronauts on the space station. (I love that stuff). and then I noticed that the link to this forum from the homepage was missing.
      Huh? It used to be under the Meat Free Monday Link on the bottom right side but it's completely gone now.
      Just thought I'd report it in case it was an error. I hope it gets remedied.

        Good spot.

        The link is there in the menu on the left-hand side under the name "FANS"

        Have you considered favoriting the direct link to the message board index page?


        Right click on that and select "Bookmark (or favorite) this page" - according to your browser style.

        That will give you direct access to the message board without visiting the main site front page.

        It's also a useful link if there's any hiccup on the main site, we're often still in business at this end when that occurs.


          yes, I already favored it. every once in a while clicking on my favs takes its sweet time and if I can't get through, I double check to see if the site is down by trying the main page (plus, I want to read the news items on the main page every so often).

          I just mentioned it because often removing a board from a main page keeps new members from finding it and joining. (the george site did this and they really need to put it back). and boards need new members so they grow and don't stagnate.