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      Don't know if this is fixable, but this morning, as I was creating a thread for the Waldbuhne show, I wanted to put an umlaut over the u in Waldbuhne for the title of the thread.

      Problem is, if you type Waldbuhne with an umlaut in the thread title, the entire title of the thread erases, and you can't click through to the thread. In effect, typing an umlaut renders a thread inoperable!

      I'm not sure if this applies to other punctation marks, but I noticed this one today.


        I have absolutely no idea what is going on with this situation. I attempted the same edit earlier and found that the thread remains operable, but untitled. :

        In the past, we've had threads with an umlaut in the title. Other punctuation is clearly not problematic. I tried copying and pasting rather than direct typing and also created a test thread elsewhere with the same outcome. ops:

        If we figure it out, we will let you know! Sorry about that!