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      How can I download my HD download of RAM that comes with the DeLuxe Box?

        I am really trying to download the HD content from my purchase of the RAM DeLuxe set and the instructions on the download card lead to nowhere. I have entered the supplied code on the site and was informed that it was incorrect.

        What do do? This was an expensive item.

        Thank You

        Tom B.

          Hi Tom,

          Sorry to learn you are experiencing an issue with your download. :sad:

          To redeem your download please visit:

          Topspin Paul McCartney FAQ section may be found here:

          Topspin general download FAQ section may be found here:

          If the solution to your problem is not found within Topspin's FAQ sections, you may contact Topspin Customer Support for further assistance here:

          Members who have reported issues in the past have often found success downloading with an alternate browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

          Please note, if you enter your redemption code several times in an effort to download (unsuccessfully), you will need to contact Topspin Customer Support to obtain a new code.

          I hope this information helps.