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      I bought the big Flowers in the Dirt box and was so looking forward to those digital-download-only tracks -- things I have on vinyl, but up to now no digital representation.

      I was able to download everything, but technical problems with my old laptop kept me from downloading three tracks. And the access code will not allow me to download them now.

      Aside from buying another expensive box, is there a way I can get those three I need? Is there someone who can send me a new access code to download?

      Thanks for any reply,

      Dave Harrison

        ^ Hi Dave,

        Welcome to the message board!

        So sorry to learn you are experiencing issues with your downloads. :sad:

        Support for "Flowers in the Dirt" downloads is managed by Dropcards.

        Dropcards FAQ section may be found here:

        If the solution to your problem is not found within Dropcards FAQ sections, you may contact Dropcards Customer Support for further assistance here:

        I hope this information helps and all is resolved swiftly!