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      Sorry if this is a daft question, but what exactly is this? At first, I thought it was just an opportunity to vote for Paul in some Billboard poll. But when I clicked, it asked me for my zipcode and seemed to imply that I could "demand Paul McCartney in my town", which sounds great! So which is it?

        Here's the linked FAQ:


        The award is in the name of this web-sites fans, The Eventful 2011 Fan's Choice Award: Best Tour Of The Year.

        The site seems to offer musicians feedback on fans preferences for future tour dates as you read, however the opinions garnered don't seem to be binding in any way - and there's no suggestion a concert in your location is somehow linked to the "demand".

        Looks like a deluxe, all bells and whistles, version of our own shout-out thread here;



          Terrific! I demanded him to come to Alkmaar, so I am expecting him to come any moment now

            Ok. Thanks for the clairification, Martin. I do hope Paul's "people" have a look at the data. Seems like a good way to gauge interest in less-obvious areas!

              He should go to Bumf---k, Egypt (just kiddin')

                and now I'm getting a little bit of spam from them. Figures. sorry I voted now. (as much as I loved the concert this past summer)