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      Hello, I would like to inform people of someone who is selling fake Paul McCartney autographs on the internet. I purchased two autographs as a present for a lifelong fan. I had them examined by Garry King (the UK's leading expert on autographs) and he has confirmed that they are very obviously fake, he also informed me that the person selling them has been doing this for a long time and has duped many people. I requested a refund from the seller but he has emailed me saying that the experts opinion is just that.... an opinion, and without Paul McCartney saying that the autographs are fake I don't have a leg to stand on. I would like to warn other fans and Mr McCartney to what is happening and to try and put a stop to his immoral buisness. Could someone tell me who I should contact so I can send all of the information please?

        Tell us right here. Is that okay Mods?

          Hello Nancy R, thanks for responding.
          I will be taking this matter to the small claims court so don't want to Jeopardise my case by publicly putting the details on the web..... that being said, if anyone wants to PM me I will happily give them the sellers details
          Ideally I would like the contact details for Mr McCartney's' management/administration team so I can alert them to the scam. I don't know if that is possible (as I said the items were purchased for a fan not myself) so I have no clue who or how to contact the relevant people.

          If any of you can offer advice or suggestions they will be most gratefully received.

          Many thanks and best wishes x