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      Can someone tell me how I can display a GIF in my sig. and not just a link?

        The gif must be hosted elsewhere, this message board does not host any images other than the small files for avatar images (larger, animated avatar images must also be hosted elsewhere as their file size is too large)

        So post the link to your GIF file hosted elsewhere in your signature box within your profile settings and surround it with the IMG BBCode tags:

        and the image should be displayed when you Submit the changes when you leave your Profile setting page.

        Sites such as FlickR or Photobucket are commonly used to host images off-site. You cannot host it on your own computer as this site cannot access your internal files to display the GIF image here.

        Please observe our site dimension guidelines:

        Avatars/ Signature and Image sizes

        The avatar size limit is Height 155 x Width 125 pixels with a limit of 20 KB for animated images.

        Remotely linked avatars or signature images can be larger up to 200 x 200 pixels but please no more than 100 KB for animated images.

        Banners are OK but please keep these to around Height 125 x Width 450 pixels and again no bigger than 100 KB for animated images.

        Images in posts can be up to 300 x 300 pixels in size, and please no bigger than 100 KB for animated images. Anything bigger is asked to be posted as a link.

        Any avatars/signature images that are oversized may be removed.