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      I see a new feature on the main site home page leading to what seems to be a new UK-based web-site store:


      Clicking the Store link now brings up a choice of UK or USA options.

      The UK option is powered by www.bandstores.co.uk and carries both UP & COMING tour and ON THE RUN tour materials.

      I also see that a French store is in development with a dormant link for France on the Store home page.

      The Main site feeder link boasts "HOLIDAY SPECIALS" although I don't know the site well enough to know what that means.

      Ah, checked this out now - the USA bravadousa store is running a series of holiday discounts offering savings from 5% to 25% depending on the bundled value of the order and free shipping on orders over $100.00 (USA orders only.

      On the UK store, much of the latest stock (particularly the On The Run merchandise) is marked "In Stock Soon" so you can only browse those items and write your wish lists at the moment.


        Looks like ther are some nice photos there. 10 for $5.00 but I can't get any to show up except for the 1st one.

          Nice that the UK has it's own store now but compare it to the US one and you see that it is 1 big laugh. It's not the same. Why not?
          (at least it was like this when I checked it last week).