What Concerts are you going to this year?


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      Anyone have any concerts coming up or bands/singers they'd like to see this year?

      Greg and I will be going to see Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone September 1st

        Oh I'm so glad you asked this because I was thinking about asking this recently too.
        Right well so far this year I've seen Nizlopi and Death cab for cutie.
        I'm going to see Erasure in Edinburgh next month,
        then Jose gonzalez and who I am very excited about Eric Clapton in May.I cant wait to see him.
        I'm also going to 2 music festivals this year. T in the Park in Scoltand and V festival in Chelmsford.So going to be seeing lots of bands such as the who,red hot chili peppers,radiohead and loads loads more.

        I might also be going to see Embrace and the Zutons.Oh and also a U2 tribute band NEU2 and of course the bootleg beatles in December.
        This is going to be a good year

          Def Leppard and Journey!

            so far have seen Lucinda Williams and have tickets in hand for
            Queen with Paul Rogers and Jeff Beck

            will buy when the go on sale tickets for Ringo and his all starr band - this year with
            Sheila E -(for the third time in a row)
            Billy Squire
            Edgar Winter and
            Rod Argent among others

            looking forward to this one


              Several hopefully.

              So far I've just got my tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in July.

                I have no plans on seeing anyone in concert this year. I will be out of town when Ringo comes here.

                  Steely Dan with Michael McDonald opening act and then some more Hall & Oates. Perhaps a few others. ~Danielle~ oh, I almost forgot, Jimmy Buffett at Jones Beach in the summer time. cw

                    I really hope that I'm going to see Ringo this year. I don't know if I'm going to see anyone else though. :/

                      Morrissey, possibly Radiohead

                        yesterday i got me first row tickets for buddy guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        planning to see ringo and taking my kids!! big fans!!!

                        hopefully will get to see johnny lang again.

                        just did def leppard and eagles, those shows were great.

                          Eric Clapton in June, but I hope a few more.

                            Im hoping after pay day to go to Bristol and try and get some Who tickets.

                              Apart from local bands...

                              Adam Green
                              Paul Weller

                              maybe Belle & Sebastian at a festival... and a few others too of course. I don`t know everything by now.

                                Countless local bands

                                I just saw Belle and Sebastian in Chicago in Feb, AWESOME! I might go see Blondie too. If the Who are going to tour in the fall, I'm there baby, front row!!

                                  Saw "RAIN", a Beatles tribute group in January(VERY good). Wish I could go see George Strait again, but can't afford it. He'll be here in June. Um, I'm not sure who else is coming to town, really. I'll have to check.

                                    Ringo Starr
                                    Bob Dylan
                                    Roger Waters

                                    Possibly Sting or "The Beach Boys"

                                      Not sure. My ears have been ringing a lot lately so I'm going to give them some time to heal. Last year I went to 3, including Macca and two punk rock concerts that had a bunch of 12 year old girls screaming their lungs out in m ear.

                                        * 12/4 - Jada
                                        * 14/4 - Xavier Rudd
                                        * 30/4 - Dan Kelly & the Alpha Males
                                        * 24/5 - Lano & Woodley
                                        * 08/6 - Split Enz

                                        I also hear Paul may be coming to Australia for some shows towards the end of the year...in which case i'll definitely be going to those!

                                        I wish Ringo would get his arse over here sometime!

                                          Saw Jeff Beck last night and going to see Queen w/Paul Rogers tonight. also am seeing ringo in june with his all stars and hope to see the james gang w/ Joe Walsh in september when they hit my town

                                            have behemoth/morbid angel this month
                                            ministry next month
                                            grave worm/vader in june
                                            slayer/children of bodom/lamb of god/mastodon in july

                                            Edit. add pearl jam to this list