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      Has anyone ever seen this group (I have only seen pics) The guy who plays John is like his 1964 clone! Look on The Beatles Universe on FB: (you have to be on FB and log in)


        If you can post s photo of "John" please do.
        Would love to see them!😉

          For those of you without Facebook, this is Adam Hastings of Bootleg Beatles:


              [quote="Nancy R"]For those of you without Facebook, this is Adam Hastings of Bootleg Beatles

              Oh, he looks just like John! 🌟
              I must go see them! I couldn't be there in the 60's, but I can be now.😀✌️

                Compare Adam Hastings to the real John Lennon:


                  Attended their show in Bournemouth (UK) this week as was down their for a few days, I think they have been around since the 1980's and closest you'll get to the real thing! I had seen them once before back in 2007. The guy playing John is almost identical and their show is in Beatles chronological timeline order complete with costume changes, in second half of show they focused quite a lot on the White Album which was brill, This is what they played;

                   Please Please me, All My Loving,She Loves You, Roll over Beethoven, I want to hold your hand, Drive My Car, Day Tripper, Norwegian Wood,Taxman, Yellow Submarine, Taxman,Got to Get you into my life, Magical Mystery Tour, I am the Walrus, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Forever, Hello Goodbye, All you need is love, Back in the Ussr, Dear Prudence, While my Guitar Gently Weeps, Glass Onion, Martha My Dear,Savoy Truffle, Ob la di ob la da, Revolution, Blackbird, Don't let me down, Get Back, Something, Lady Madonna, Hey Jude  encore : Rock n roll music, Long tall sally




                    Adam Hastings has left this group and is now a member of The Fab Four. Got to meet him in Atlanta Feb. 10, 2019 during their meet-and-greet after the show.  😀

                    Here they are:


                      Adam is a John clone!

                        yeah, he really is.