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      So, you might remember these guys from Ireland. Put out some great songs and a classic album back in the 1980's, had another classic album in the 1990's that is arguably their best mixed with, sans a few songs, steaming pile of shit (O.K., maybe it wasn't THAT bad, but... come on!) that is arguably their worst... no, it IS their worst.

      Yes, that's right, folks: when I'm talking about the 1990's, the classic album I'm referring to is "Pop," while that horrid one I'm talking about is "Achtung Baby!" That's right! Long live "Discotheque!"

      Yes, that was a joke. I swear.

      To finish the timeline, though: then they came back with one of their very best to kick off the new millennium and four years later, another good effort.

      But this last one was almost 5 years ago. These were younger, more innocent times, if you will. Back in these days, we didn't have to pay almost $5 for gas! Heck, Macca has put out two studio albums and one with his other band in that time and if Macca has put out more albums than you based on the rate he's been releasing them the past 20 years, then you're pretty freaking slow. Also...

      Errrr... you get the idea: it's been a hell of a long time since U2's last album.

      But that's going to change! Because finally on March 3rd (at least if you're in the U.S.) their new album, "No Line On The Horizon," FINALLY comes out!

      Their new single, "Get On Your Boots" was released on iTunes on Monday. Here is the link to listen:

      U2 - Get On Your Boots

      Thoughts? While "All That You Can't Leave Behind" and "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" were returns to their more traditional/classic sound of the 1980's, this sounds like a return to the experimental stuff of the 1990's. This can be a good thing, if it's in the mold of "Achtung Baby" or not, if it's similar to "Pop."

      I'm still trying to wrap my head around this song. Not what I was expecting at all. On one hand, I'm thinking: "This isn't bad. Danceable, catchy, weird, and doing something different; I like it." On the other hand: "What the hell?! Some of this is crap!"

      I need more time to soak this one in. Nonetheless, as I do, this can be a good place to talk about the upcoming album and the group in general.


        An "Official" U2 thread......Like the sound of that!

        When I heard this song I thought of The Fly and Achtung Baby.

        Like the song, LOVE U2!

        Your YouTube link is not working Matt. It reads the URL contained a malformed video ID.

          You can listen to the new single at the official U2 website:


          U2 drop into the same mould as Paul for me, some of their releases are "growers" first impressions are "Uhhhhh not so sure" but once listened to several times the songs click into place.

          I have exactly the same feeling towards this new song "Get On Your Boots" as I did to "Discotheque" when that was released from "Pop" and that went on to become a massive favourite of mine.

          I always prefer a voyage of discovery with music, gradually discovering and connecting with a song or album.

          Those Tin Pan Alley instant pop hits (and the modern equivalents) generally go on to become cringeworthy after a few plays.

          At work we get exposed to a local radio station playing a top twenty playlist over and again and some of the current favourites really get under my skin at times.

          Time to save for U2 tour tickets I suppose......


            What other song does it sound like.......or is it two songs?

              I like the new song!

                I like the song . Can't wait for a tour .

                  According to Rolling Stone, apparently somehow the new album got leaked onto the internet for about two hours last week by the group's Australian label, before the mistake was caught and shut down. In a preemptive attempt to stave off downloading, U2 has posted the new album No Line On The Horizon for listening on their mySpace site here: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=3235117&albid=10703465


                    I listened to their new album as soon as it leaked, now I'm not the greatest U2 fan, but I have listened and enjoyed War, Joshua Tree, All That You Can't Leave Behind and How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, but I was very very disapointed with their new album, anyway, I've only listened to it once, but still, I thought it wasn't creative at all, and just a weak album overall. I hate the single too.

                      U2 have performed a three song set at Radio 1 as part of a major promotional exclusive:


                      UK broadband users will be able to see both the performance and an extended interview here shortly:


                      Bono also confirmed they will be touring shortly in support of the album hoping to keep ticket prices well down in acknowledgement of the current economic situation.


                        Thanks! I found this bit of news on another board about a tour announcement

                          U2 literally topped off it's promotional day at the BBC by performing a four song rooftop set from the balcony at the top of BBC's Broadcasting House in London:


                          The BBC has received criticism for it's unashamed devotion of a day of events giving effectively free publicity to U2's album launch, but as a licence payer I wholeheartedly approve

                          And bless the BBC it's now being streamed on-line behind the red button on it's BBC1 and BBC2 interactive service.

                          It's also on-line from the BBC here:


                          Although often that content is unavailable overseas - check it out and confirm that though...

                          Having said that the video has a "share" link:


                          and here's the direct link to the video of their "Live Lounge" in the morning:

                          http://www.bbc.co.uk/musicevents/u2/video/livelounge/ (updated - see post below)


                            Having watched both those videos, I see Bono gave a secret signal about the surprise rooftop performance.

                            During the third song in the Live Lounge - the live performance premiere of Breathe he sings "sing your heart out in Regent Street" - the place with the best view of the balcony they performed on


                              Martin, all of the links that you have provided including the "share" link read "Not Available In Your Area." The last link that you have offered reads "404 Page Not Found."

                              It may be time to move from Pepperland!

                              Hope those in the UK enjoy!

                                Sorry to hear that - although I suspected that would be the case.

                                The last link did post wrong, here's the one that works - here in the UK at least.



                                  Their performance is on YouTube!

                                    Chris Evans the BBC Radio DJ who hosted the rooftop concert joked about the concert appearing on YouTube shortly.

                                    Interesting to watch them as seen from the fan-in-the-street viewpoint.

                                    Keywords "U2 BBC" bring up the clips.

                                    It'd be nice if U2 or the BBC add the TV footage officially.



                                      Links to YouTube coverage - don't yet know how U2 or the BBC is going to respond - they may disappear.


                                        moonraker:Thanks! I found this bit of news on another board about a tour announcement

                                        If this is correct they will be playing stadiums mainly. Good thing I got some binoculars.

                                          Thanks!! Can't wait for dates to be announced!!

                                            I love following stage set designs and U2 always lead the pack.

                                            If there is substance to that report, and these details should be well advanced now, U2 have finally elected for playing "in the round" - and as that report suggests stadiums are the only venues that suit such staging.

                                            Other bands have done this before and I shall be interested to see how U2 do this.

                                            Their arena shows on the last tour did have transparent screens and fans were seated behind the stage, there were favourable reports from those seated there. The stadium staging was more conventional with a massive screen closing off on end.

                                            Of course a central stage make huge demands upon the performers to present themselves to all four sides of the stadium and limits the options for video screens - which usually play a major part in U2 shows.

                                            I shall be following news and leaks of design closely.