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      katy perry and her betrothed, russell brand, spring to mind immediately...he might be a nice guy and all, but i wouldn't want to get 'up close and personal' with him, he's too greasy looking and looks in dire need of a shower, always, i'm turned off by his general appearance plus he's written he was a drink, drugs and sex addict...actually the excerpt i read from his book was funny, about his time in 'sex rehab,' maybe his humorous chat compensates for all that other. is it true he will star in a remake of 'arthur' the dudley moore and liza minelli vehicle? and dame judy dench, no, helen mirren is in it? i sort of can't imagine this. it might be interesting to see what they've made of it. a little bit intriguing. actually he and perry are a provocative unexpected pairing. that element of mystery makes you wonder...would a show biz couple actually get married for publicity in this day & age? you think? just for buzz? to intensify their respective levels of fame?

      i'm not jealous over evan rachel wood's thing with marilyn manson, either...i might even prefer russell brand over marilyn

        this "Fame and Name" game, is not cool! it has it's good points and Bad points, but, what ever it is, it sure takes your privacy away! sheeze!
        been their done that!
        so fame comes with a price! if your willing to take the ticket???
        takes sure Balls to go for it! and sustain it! that why we have legends!!
        who know how to Balance it all out!!
        all things in"Moderation"!
        keep it simple, keep it clean.
        no they don't do it for the money, it's for the pure Pleasure of sending love and healing out their! what a fun job that is!
        its a Great JOB! but it pays the bills too!

          Okay Susy, I thought of one! I don't envy Shannon Tweed...
          I believe that's what her name is ...anyway, her significant
          other is , Gene Simmons from 'KISS". He thinks he's God's gift
          to women, and frankly, he just grosses me right out the door!!!
          Not my cup of tea at AWWL!! I've caught glimpses of them
          on some sort of Reality Show recently, that's why it came to mind.

            (LOL) couldn't help but laugh, claudia. gene simmons, that's a good 'bad' one--caught just a glimpse (was all i wanted) of his 'reality show' once in which he said 'why isn't everything covered with KISS insignia' and he pouted and sulked, LOL. isn't it odd he once 'went with' both cher and diana ross?-- especially diana ross...i have a hard time picturing that...
            come to think of it, i wouldn't want to get it on with rod stewart. not then, not now, not ever. there's just nothing there, no attraction.
            nor with the lead singer of the 'new york dolls' from the 70's, or with 'the ramones.' or alice cooper (laughs). not even david bowie when he was so skinny--those sharp bones woulda jabbed me in the sides

            just yesterday i read that evan rachel wood and marilyn manson have split up yet again. this time let's make that a keeper, miss evan. i didn't fancy the thought of her, so young and pretty, with him. it was kind of icky

              LOL!! Well, I'm glad I made you laugh Susy, and yes, you're right, glimpses was all I could take of them as well . I had to laugh at their releationship philosphy as well....Shannon was saying something to the effect that, Gene could go with anyone he wanted to as long as she didn't know about it??? and he came back to her happy??? I'm mean..just so weird!!! :
              So your not into Rod Stewart, huh? Have to laugh, cause you either love em' or hate em'....I happen to really like him. I think it's a throw back for me though, cause I almost married a guy that looked like a combination of he and Paul McCartney if you can picture that. He was quite good looking actually and he's the one with the prestigious sound production position presently at BAM in New York.

                thanks, claudia

                this is funny (snickers) katy perry graces the new 'rollingstone' mag cover and she's half naked and half naked posing inside, and on the plastic mag enfolder cover (read this at a library) it says: 'donated to the library by worthington funeral home.' a funeral home donated 'rolling stone' mag to the library

                katy perry's parents are both traveling evangelists they travel the u.s. preaching revivals she was raised to 'speak in tongues' and defends the practice rather eloquently. her sister is a party planner in los angeles and commented, 'everyone in our family likes to put on a show.'
                that's an interesting family

                  Just thought of another, Susy! Okay...I don't know
                  her name, but I don't envy David Hassellhoff's wife,
                  or is it ex-wife??? Anyway, I can honestly say, I
                  don't envy her one single bit!! Is it just me???

                    well, he's handsome but i know what you mean, claudia, he's a big goofball, but when he's not drinking, maybe, just maybe, he might be fun to have around? i mean, just think of him running around in his bathing suit rescuing beach bunnies all those years (LOL) and before that as 'snapper' on 'the young and the restless.' i really loved 'the young and the restless' back then. but then he was in some t.v. show about a fancy tricked up car, i didn't dig that one at all. but i never even saw it.
                    david hasselhoff will be on 'dancing with the stars' this time (laughs)
                    wonder if he'll trip over those big clodhoppers of his. he's gonna be funny. he seems to be a natural comedian, i'll say that for the guy.

                    oh yeah he was a judge on 'america's got talent' or something like that. one of those. he was good natured on that, the few times i watched it.
                    but that vid his daughter taped of him drunk on the floor eating a cheeseburger...ugh, that's enough to turn you off big time right there

                      Susy, as always, you crack me up!! You are right on the money about how I feel about him! I especially loved your comment about his "big cloddhoppers"!! ...you're too much! Yeah, that cheeseburger video was unbearable to watch...ugh, is right! I'm ashamed to admit I just saw him on a celebrity roast on the COMEDY CHANNEL last weekend and that's why it came to mind...OMG, did they give him the business....I cannot believe some of the stuff they come out with, though...pretty disgusting humor at times, but you can't help but laugh!

                        Much as I dislike Kim Kardashian, I don't envy her being married to Kanye West. That house has to be one huge ego trip. Maybe they just deserve each other!

                          I'm hateful and mean, but Kristen Bell's and Olivia Wilde's husbands strike me as rather plain. That means nothing if those guys are nice, kind, funny, helpful, considerate, witty, etc. All those sterling qualities. They might look better in person than on screen and in pictures, also.
                          I sort of envy George Clooney's wifey. Clooney probably can be funny, although I noticed he put his foot in his mouth, often, when speaking publicly at awards and other shows. Said the wrong things. But sometimes that turned out funny, too.