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      I thought it was weird Madonna named her new tour "Rebel Heart" despite all the agony and uproar over the Rebel Confederate Flag this year. Ryan Adams has recorded an entire cover album of Taylor Swift's "1989" all covers of the songs on that! As if those songs are so fantastic! (Not, to me, at least.) Taylor was gushing she feels honored. Adams seems a somewhat obscure musician to me, never made it big. He's from Raleigh N.C. and I recall him and Elton John hanging out in Raleigh together years ago, when Elton touted Ryan Adams as the next big thing. Elton praised Nelly Fortado in similar highest glowing terms, and she seems to have faded from the scene, some, it's weird to me how much she reminds me of current hit songstress Meghan Trainor--her singing. I got a cd by Fortado recently, will give it an ear session soon. If she had procured Megan Trainor sassy bold songs she'd have scored hits with them too, methinks.

        SusyLuvsPaul:I thought it was weird Madonna named her new tour "Rebel Heart" despite all the agony and uproar over the Rebel Confederate Flag this year.

        Does one have anything to do with the other?

          The name of her tour evoked some bad memories, negative connotations for me personally, but I see what you're saying.
          Startling Taylor Swift concert photo: Joan Baez on stage with Swift (Julia Roberts was, too) at a recent Swift concert with Joan sporting a Taylor Swift fangirl tee shirt! Joan freaking Baez! Oh yeah, Joan's music always reminded you of fleeting pop star fluff songs, didn't it (sarcastic sneer) and Swift certainly has attained Joan Baez-like stature in the world of music--saw another concert shot of this trio that showed Julia Roberts bowing down genuflecting to Baez, which was not peculiar. Swift is shown to the right of them trying to shift the attention to herself.
          Pharrell Williams pictured hugging Julie Andrews at a recent U.K. telly show taping. They were seated side to side. Nice that he appreciates Andrews. They looked a tad incongruous together, being from such different styles of music and from different generations and all. It was good to see. Williams said he loves her career. Reminded me of seeing Snoop Doggy Dog with Martha Stewart, laughing and smiling, looked like good friends. Perhaps she taught him to bake hash dishes (not corned beef hash, wink wink).

            I wondered why country singer Tim McGraw made the Time "100 Most Influential People" list of 2015. Turns out Tim bought a whopping 144 houses for homeless veterans--that must be why. (He sang at a Nobel Peace Prize gala in Sweden a few years ago. I wondered about that too.) Can you imagine! Being able to purchase 144 houses! For among the best of causes, quite laudable.
            ...Old news from a year or so back but the news stuck in my psyche: Bob Dylan has a very overweight black Lesbian daughter who wed and he didn't attend her wedding. Her mother was his back-up singer whom I had read he secretly married. Why the big secret, and why the no-show at his daughter's nuptials? To be sure Dylan isn't ashamed of them--after all, he wrote "We Shall Overcome" or a similar Civil Rights anthem and marched and demonstrated and all...less unexpectedly odd, but amusingly idiosyncratic--Dylan used no back up singers at all in his recent Durham, N.C. concert. No other singers to sweeten the pot. But it was still a Dylan show and still worthwhile. You were seeing a genius.

              Music cassette tapes are trendy again?? O the joy when cassette tapes unravel, are crushed to smithereens when stepped on or, best of all, are left in a boiling hot car and then sound like a barrage of manic motor mouth Aliens from Pluto and way beyond jabbering, preaching, ranting and raving, chanting and humming like crazy bees all distorted and nonsensical. I still have some in a big basket. (Cassette tapes, not outerspace aliens, LOL.)

                A new website is exploiting would-be country singers, they're told to send in vids of themselves singing, for a big fee, and possibly get "discovered."

                When "The Voice" resumed this season, a spate of publicity ensued linking Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani romantically. Now that would be an odd couple--Stefani was wed to cosmopolitan urban sophisticate Gavin Rossdale, and Shelton is a professional cornball hick. They don't look like they'd go together, either. Stefani is so artificial-looking, so stylized while Blake Shelton appears rough hewn and rustic, the epitome of the "good ole boy" I read his house is decorated with deer heads he shot and killed (ugh!).

                  "The real measure of any great song is if it becomes a folk song."--Bono of U2 in a recent "Entertainment Weekly" issue

                  It's striking how much Selena Gomez ("Good For You") and Demi Lovato ("Cool for the Summer") sound alike. I assumed "Good For You" is sung by Lovato 'till finding out Selena Gomez sings it. I rather like their singing voices, unlike Ellie Golding's, which sounds too thin and reedy.

                  Thought it a bit strange to learn Meghan Trainer sang at a county fair. It's a nice wholesome venue, though. I'd thought she's too "big" to sing at one. Shawn Mendes is performing at a county fair too. Not sure I like his singing voice!

                    Blake Shelton saw J-Lo dance, exclaimed "Look at that booty" and now the two are flirting, according to US mag or one of those (LOL)--recently the gossip mags had Blake and Gwen Stefani sharing chemistry and feeling attracted (laughs). Blake must be a "fickle pickle" (pun) ops:

                      In latest RollingStone mag with Keith Richards on the cover: "How His (Ryan Adams) Weird Idea To Cover Taylor Swift's '1989' Paid Off" --it's called "Ryan Adams' Most Unlikely Hit Ever"--Adams jumped on Swift's coat tails and rode them to a 50,000 unit digital hit that debuted in the Top Ten. Seems obvious Adams anticipated this would happen.
                      Also in this issue: Taylor thanks fans for a whopping 50 million Instagram followers and attributes that to having "a lot of cute cat photos." That's cute, Tay Tay. But (Yikes) also in this new RS issue (Oct. 22 2015) Damon Albarn of "Blur" British band says of Swift: "Remarkable, but not unique." Ouch.
                      Elvis Costello rates his top favorite songs he wrote or co-wrote and says about his efforts with Paul McCartney: "As his last co-written hit had been with Michael Jackson, I wondered whether I should be taking some dancing lessons."

                        Martin Scorsese reportedly wants Justin Timberlake to play Frank Sinatra in his upcoming Sinatra bio pic. Tough call. Sinatra was unique. I can't really see Timberlake in this part--seems too lightweight, and the singing would have to be dubbed, with anyone. Like Jessica Lange sang with Patsy Cline's voice dubbed. How about Ronan Farrow playing Sinatra? If he can act--and he might have that in his DNA. And some claim he resembles Frank. If Timberlake could pull off Sinatra's essence like John Cusack did in "Love and Mercy" for Brian Wilson, that would be quite something.

                        I read somewhere that Amy Adams will portray Janis Joplin in a Janis biographical film--can't visualize that at all, although she's one of my favorite actresses. How about Fergie or even Pink?

                        Timberlake tries to sound soulful or black when he sings, also that Jonas who sings the "Jealous" hit. Justin Beiber has a wispy voice. Doesn't sound good. He must be idolized mainly due to his looks and hoofing it, although he has written a few good songs, which sound much better sung by somebody else.

                          "A Very Murray Christmas" t.v. special coming up, saw photo of beaming George Clooney and Bill Murray holding a limp Miley Cyrus. Not very exciting, don't want to see it.

                            This is not earth-shattering, but Gwen Stefani spotted in Nashville three times recently (trending) . Reports continue to try to link her with her fellow "The Voice" judge Blake Shelton. Cynics point out they each have new releases out now or coming out soon. As well as the telly show.

                              SusyLuvsPaul:This is not earth-shattering, but Gwen Stefani spotted in Nashville three times recently (trending) . Reports continue to try to link her with her fellow "The Voice" judge Blake Shelton. Cynics point out they each have new releases out now or coming out soon. As well as the telly show.

                              That is a "weird" pairing. Oh well...crazy world!


                                SusyLuvsPaul:This is not earth-shattering, but Gwen Stefani spotted in Nashville three times recently (trending) . Reports continue to try to link her with her fellow "The Voice" judge Blake Shelton. Cynics point out they each have new releases out now or coming out soon. As well as the telly show.

                                That is a "weird" pairing. Oh well...crazy world!

                                It's been confirmed, Stefani has hopped on the Hick train to Hooterville and she and Shelton are "officially dating." Shelton seems to have morphed into America's number one male sex symbol, so this should raise Gwen's spirits after Gavin Rossdale's cheating on her during his tours. Must admit Blake was sexy in his "Honky Tonk" music video with Toby Keith. He does display some personality albeit of the professional hick kind. Stefani sometimes came across as more of a hipster, so this is the Hick and the Hipster and people are somewhat startled, amused, and intrigued.

                                It's weird but Katy Perry out-earned Taylor Swift last year, by $138 million to Swift's $80 million according to Forbes magazine. I had assumed the endless uproar of hysterical hoopla over the ubiquitous Swift assured her of dominance over her reported rival Katy Perry.

                                  Rod Stewart stated "That's not me, it's the character in the song" about his hit "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and he added, "People think that's me, but it's not." The tacky song even embarrasses Rod (LOL).

                                    Nick Jonas revealed he "saw UFO's" (LOL), was he tore up at the time? Partying? Nope, just a passenger in a van tearing down the highway. Sober.

                                    I heard a "One Direction" song I like ! So, I suppose they might have a few more I might fancy. This one is called "I'm Perfect" (Laughs) or "I'm Perfect For You"--I had not thought I'd like any of theirs. Others I've heard struck me as shallow and mere fluff.

                                      Boy George, while performing on stage, told the crowd he and Prince had a thing in the 80's, you know, got it on It appears Boy George kisses and tells. If he made it up, that was tacky, too.

                                        Alice Cooper called his big pet serpent "gay" because he "sticks his forked tongue in my mouth" :

                                          As reported before, Gwen Stefani has hopped the hillbilly bus to Hicksville, and who can blame her for hitchin' that ride--Blake Shelton is sex on a (probably big) stick. The pair were spotted at a Hollywood Halloween party with Gwen dressed up like a cowgirl, and oddly, she sported a garish streak of fake red "blood" on one cheek (anticipating Miranda's approach to scratch her with sharp nails in a catfight?). I heard a new song of Shelton's, sounded written for Stefani with a reference to "rock steady" and lines about "flirtin' and hurtin' "--remember Gwen's ditty "Rock Steady."
                                          ...Jared Leto, Kanye West and Justin Bieber (no surprise with those last two) called some of the rudest, meanest musicians to their fans, on the radio the other night, with Bieber even seen spitting on some fans, if the D.J. can be believed. Needs his hiney spanked !
                                          Can't figure out if this is an example of odd British humor, or if it was really funny...Adele was on Graham Norton and he had trotted out eight Adele impersonators, both male and female, who mistook the real Adele for one of them. So said somebody on F M radio. I was startled recently to suddenly hear David Beckham's Cockney voice emerge from the radio touting a less expensive internet service provider. An advertisement. As if he would need a less expensive Net connection, LOL.

                                            Rihanna, in cover story of latest "Vanity Fair" goes to great pains to come across as a "good girl" and virtually celibate...then you turn the page and she's naked, lying across a bed--mixed messages, one thinks She seems overrated, to me, lacks the pipes of an Aretha, Patti La Belle, Whitney Houston.
                                            ...Startling photo of Taylor Swift in the new "Rollingstone" graced with Adele on its cover...Swift looks a bit S & M lite in an ugly black leather outfit, in a garish ungraceful pose and with frizzy hair flying. Never saw her like that, before. The caption writer says she's a "hell of a songwriter." (Not with "Bad Blood" !) She's done so much for the music industry what with selling so much music that rock journalists and musicians themselves really kow tow to her--some of Swift's songs are really catchy, would love to hear somebody who can really sing, sing them.