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      we all have them..

      Songs that we secretly and unadbashedly love..
      that are generally dismissed for whatever reason..

      post your favorite embarrassing songs..
      like this one..

      afternoon delight
      - starland vocal band

        'sting' seems to be hated in here, but i like some of his songs, i must confess


          Oooh...bring on the 'Sting", Suzy Q ...love that one!!
          I have several of these, but we'll start with this one... ops:


            Jack Wagner - All I Need


              'she's like the wind' from 'dirty dancing'

                More from the much-mailigned, Gordon Sumner ops:

                'FORTRESS AROUND YOUR HEART - Sting


                  Huey Lewis for me. any of his. I love em, but generally don't talk about that fact often

                  its the power of love...

                    Always liked The Human League especially the "Dare" album from 1981
                    Don't You Want Me , The Sound Of The Crowd and Together In Electric Dreams are great pop songs .
                    Even seen them live , Phil Oakey as a great voice love his pitch perfect baritone and the girls cheesy dancing


                      Sugar Sugar by The Archies. Guilty!
                      I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family. Guilty!
                      This one too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJJQpSzDgC0

                        "Black Velvet" which I used to dislike, but now detect some merit in that ditty.

                          'McCarthur Park' - Richard Harris ...... yup...I actually like it!! ops: ops:


                            Do Ya Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart

                            Yeah, there goes my street cred.

                              You stole my thunder with that Rod Stewart one ..
                              that was my next choice ops:
                              Not to worry, there's plenty more from where that came from!
                              Here ya go!!

                              WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT - Tom Jones


                                Don't know if anyone posted these since I can't watch the videos from work, but here's a few ops:

                                I Think I love You (Partidge Family)
                                I've Got You Babe (Sony and Cher)
                                Henry The 8th
                                Billy Don't Be A Hero
                                The Night Chicago Died
                                Playground in my Mind (ultra ops: ops: ops: )

                                  I think I'm going to lose my 'man' card after that admission

                                    'I think I Love You'--Partridge Family--agreed ops: ops: ops:

                                    "Don't Give Up On Us, Baby" --David Soul ops: ops: ops:

                                      HUGEfan:Jack Wagner - All I Need



                                      a couple of mine were already mentioned, but I'll add...

                                      *drumroll please*

                                      Don Johnson - Heartbeat

                                      ops: ops:

                                        I liked Don Johnson's "Heartbeat" too. I thought he could sing well. (laughs)--but really...didn't it sound pretty good?