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      Very sad indeed. Especially after his recovery two weeks ago. What is going on this year?

        RIP Robin Gibb I'm Can't Stop Crying I'm So Sad!

          I was never a huge Bee Gees fan, but their music is part of the soundtrack of my young adulthood. It does seem like the music world has had an extraordinary string of losses recently.

            It's sad but not unexpected. We knew there was always a chance so at least it's not a massive shock. Still, RIP Robin!

              very sad news about Robin Gibb, grew up listening to Bee Gees music, really looked as he was making a recovery.

                Agree with Darth, it wasn't unexpected. I'm not a big Bee Gee's fan but I know talent when I see it.

                R.I.P Rob.

                  It was only one year ago, in may 2011, Warsaw (Poland). I was there...

                  RIP Dear Robin...
                  Your music will be always in my heart...

                    It's really very sad ...
                    prayers for the family

                      Very sad.

                      This is one of my favorite Bee Gees songs:


                        RIP Robin.

                        I hope that the Gibb family can find some strength at such a difficult time.

                          So sad.

                          So many musicians are leaving us.

                          RIP Robin

                            pop music just lost a icon

                            RIP Robin

                              Svenn:Very sad.

                              This is one of my favorite Bee Gees songs:


                              Awesome song. Not a big fan of their disco-songs, even if they are not bad. But their 60s stuff is so much better, really qualitiy pop like Beatles sometimes.
                              My favorite song is "World", perfect:
                              "Massachusetts" is great too.

                              Very sad, RIP Robin.

                                Very sad and he was only 62. The Bee Gees were one of the 3 great pop groups of the 60's The Beatles, The Beach Boys & The Bee Gees. All started with "B" but were A grade talents. Bee Gees were also of course also big in 70's and huge with Saturday Night Fever.

                                  Robin passed away on Sunday 20 May, 2012 at 10.46 pm. The solar eclipse started at the same time?
                                  The world has lost a wonderful human being with an amazing kind of voice...
                                  Dear Robin, thank you for beautiful songs and memories you gave so many people around the world. Your music will live in my heart forever?

                                  ?First Of May?
                                  ?When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall,
                                  we used to love while others used to play.
                                  Don't ask me why, but time has passed us by,
                                  some one else moved in from far away?

                                  ?Morning Of My Life?

                                  ?My World?

                                  ?To Love Somebody?

                                  ?Someone Belonging To Someone?


                                  ?I Started A Joke?

                                  "Lonely Days?

                                  ?How Can You Mend A Broken Heart??

                                  ?Too Much Heaven?


                                  ?Immortality, I make my journey through eternity
                                  I keep the memory of you and me inside?
                                  But we don't say goodbye,
                                  I'll make them all remember me?

                                  ?Wish you were here?

                                  ?To Whom The Bells Tolls?

                                  ?This Is Where I Came In?

                                  ?Don?t Cry Alone?


                                  God Bless You?Rest In Peace?

                                    It's a shame that all these brilliant songs above are overshadowed by their disco-songs.

                                      8-06-2012...RIP Robin [*]


                                        its pretty amazing just how prolific the bee gees actually where.

                                        not my cup of tea at times but respect to the songwriting talent.

                                        i do however believe that [like the beatles] the most gifted singer and songwriter in that band is still alive.....