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      Everyday i try
      to rich you with my soul
      what more can i do ?
      please show me the way
      to be close to you
      my love is a flame
      for your heart , everywhere...

      l'll be feeling " blue" just like you
      when you are far from my heart
      i could be your true one
      sending you all my words
      even if i was born in france
      how can I rich your eyes?
      if i never know where you are ?

      the only way i know
      to be close to you
      is to open my soul
      to show you my feelings
      i'm just a dreaming girl on a hill
      in the eye of the sun..
      searching for your hands
      everywhere... ?
      but you are so far
      tell now how to see you ones?

      i can spend thousand days
      to tell you how strong
      i feel when i listen to your melody
      hoping and waiting down in france
      for your love... please help me ?
      to be free at the end..!
      ôôô !my true love, i' m falling
      without you everyday
      like a blue bird in the sky! ops:
      i miss you as hell...on the ground

      evrytime i see you
      in the cavern playing
      songs i feel something inside
      when you sing " lonesome town"
      so many memories
      come back inside my mind
      on the strings of time
      i follow your heart
      from the beginning ...
      i am the loving one
      writing from another Land
      what am to do if i lose you

      so, let me tell you "a secret"
      ... one's upon the time,
      when i was " a sweet little girl "
      i was climbing at the top of the trees
      listening english songs, and "Love me do"
      was my favourite anyway !
      with" big blue " on my shoulder
      "a kind Bouddha -Cat "was my friend !
      Mum was working .. away all the time
      before i go to sleep with my dreams
      she was reading to me: fabulous stories !
      anyway... when i was ..." a small bear "

      The only thing i loved at school
      was the choir and singing "high"
      i was drawing colours on the walls, outside
      painting " kisses and rainbows "behind the windows
      some lovers: hand bye hand walking in a sunset
      inside all my books i wrote children's poems
      you coud see on pages all my dreams !
      in fact , i was so lonely as it could be
      a lonesome one in the schoolyard...?
      i was lost in the clouds , dreaming
      all the time , to discover the universe !

      playing piano in summer time
      until winter bye myself
      in the "silently red living room"
      searching, the face of love!
      evrytime and everywhere
      to learn about myself
      to get some friends
      you know, i hated to be alone
      but i felt different many times
      from the ones who loved figts...?

      Rinding to japon
      soon my little girl
      will see the world to
      jus like me before
      clara love travels...

      everyday i try
      to talk to you
      like" your best friend "
      i send you all my words and pictures
      i still hope for your smile
      i need to believe in someone
      let me show you my true love..
      in "a french way " if you want?
      show me the timea nd the place
      to find you in the world ?
      help me to find love
      when "i learn to fly "...
      to be free, AGAIN !
      marie* "

      PS:.... to the other part of my heart", somewhere .
      to all "romantics ones " sending my friendship "and my hopes
      to all people from all around the world (families , ect).
      for a new world " of love and freedom?".

      " from a lover to a friend" .. let me love again?

        ... so, i try , to write words in english , to show to eveyone my dreams. but , of crourse i am a french person.so, i talk and i write mutch better in french , in my mother 's language? , i really hope you understand me ?, when i write some english. about "feelings".we have inside.

        for someone. somewhere.
        all my frienship to you,
        from a friend, to another friend...

        marie* :

          Cést trés beau, Marie. Je ne peut pas trouvér les mots, pour dire comme beau!

            hello roots! thanck you so mutch.

            friendship from paris!,
            the best to you ,