Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, NZ, December 16th - CONFIRMED


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Posted by John Mackintosh


      joyce wrote:

      Thanks so much, LadyLeslie for activating those links!!

      And, yes, oobu24,  now I do see that link icon--thanks for pointing it out and for activating that one. But as you said, and many here agree, it should not  require extra steps just to include a link in our posts.

      Glad you enjoyed watching.

      My appreciation to you both!

      You're welcome, Joyce!   Just thought I'd try and see if it would work.... when links aren't activated in someone's post, you can quote them, then go into the quote, and copy & cut each link, and paste into the "URL" box of link icon (that looks like a chain)...   you could probably quote yourself too, and edit that way, if you're not able to get into the original post to edit.

      Sounds complicated and confusing I know... we're just learning how things work little by little, and hopefully can pass on what we discover.

        joyce wrote:

        The New Zealand concert  Dec 16, 2017


        Part 2


        part 3


        part 4


        part 5


        part 6


        Oh no, these videos have all been taken down! Did anyone happen to download these at any point? I feel like a fool for not doing so myself.

          Noticed Peter Jackson interview in which he said he attended this concert and met with Paul and discussed making  the just realeased Get Back. That was 4 years ago, anybody else know anything about this? 

          Side note,  looks you guys in Auckland saw the latest,and hopefully not last, performanceof Mull of Kintyre. Wish I could have been there.