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      Hi everyone of the board,

      I found a very striking resemblance between Paul McCartney and a very famous songwriter singer from back in the USSR.
      This McCartney look alike is Vladimir Vysotsky (1938-1980). He was at least as famous in Russia as the Beatles were in UK and US. He is about the same age as McCartney, but he became famous in his country several years after the Beatlemania. He passed away from a very weak heart in 1980, several months before John Lennon was shot.

      Here are some of his photographs, most of them taken in 1976-1980

      In my view, I think that Vladimir Vysotsky very closely resembled Paul McCartney, especially the McCartney of the late Beatles era and early Wings eara, i.e. the McCartney of 1968-1978. I would even go so far as say that Vysotsky is almost consciously trying to copy Paul's hairstyle, facial expressions, and body language. Among the links, I inserted a bearded pic of Vysotsky (playing Don Juan in film). In that pic, I think that he looks like Paul from the Let It Be film days.

      Do you think that Vysotsky and the McCartney of 1968-1978 look alike?

        I don't think the guy looks anything like Paul! Sorry.

          I'm not really seeing it either.

          -Rubber Soul13

            Nancy R:I don't think the guy looks anything like Paul! Sorry.

            neither do I. looks more like Roger Daltry

              I don't really see the resemblance. Maybe to a Russian he looks like McCartney.