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      As you know, tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Linda's passing. I thought it would be nice to have a thread to share pictures, memories and thoughts of this very special lady who was such an inspiration to so many of us.

        Ahh, thank you for starting this thread! I was thinking about starting one, but just didn't know how to start it! What can you say? 10 years, I can't believe it! It's so hard to put into words what a wonderful human being she was! And I never met her... unfortunately... but the portraits of people she took just tell that people would trust her! As a photographer she had a very unique talent and she had an eye for "the moment"! She obviously knew when to click and if you haven't got that you better give up! I love the way Paul describes how she composed her pictures in the camera and that she didn't crop her pics! My favourite is still the one she called "My Love"! And she made the best pic of the Beatles ever!

        Four Strangers

          I enjoyed looking at all the pictures of Linda included in Beatles stuff that I found online, procured, and shared. She was interesting and inspirational in her lifestyle and beliefs. She loved nature and animals and the people she loved more than "things" and materialism. She could have worn Chanel and Dior and Versace and such all the time, but instead seemed sort of anti-fashion and above all that. She once remarked, "I don't think people know what to make of me." She didn't project a calculated "image" but was always natural and down to earth. Linda said of not wearing makeup, "Might as well let them see what they're getting." When she did speak publicly and in interviews, she said interesting things. I remember reading Linda's attempt to describe how awesome, amazing and magical it was to be on stage close to Paul while he was making his incredible music. To hear his music like that. She seemed pretty modest and humble and laid back, considering her position in life, and whom she was married to, and all that...She said "my children are my best friends." She pursued her own careers and interests and goals while being the ultimate earth mother, which must be difficult to pull off, unless it all comes naturally to you. Linda was a great role model.

            Linda was a person I greatly admired. In the beginning, as a Paul fan, my reason for this was because I thought she was such a terrific wife and mother.
            Later, I came to appreciate her talents as a photographer and her courage in the face of many critics (for her music and for her animal-rights activities). As Paul has said, she was a *unique* person.

            My other thoughts at this 10 year anniversary are about the incredible amount of events (happy and sad) that Paul has been through in one decade. He has gone through as much since 1998 as many people do in 50 years!
            God bless Linda; God bless Paul.

              Wow, hard to believe it's been ten years already!! I remember the exact moment I found out Linda had died, the same way I remember the exact moment I heard about the twin towers, or that Elvis had died. Definitely a moment etched in time. I felt like a bomb had dropped.

              When Paul married Linda, my respect for him increased tenfold. She seemed like the real deal, so to speak, and I became somewhat enchanted by her. I drank in all the information I could find on her, and in the years since, have read much more, and learned we had a few people in common in our lives, along with a lot of other similarities. I bought all her cookbooks, travelled to see her photographs when they toured the states, and travelled to Germany for the exhibit of Paul's paintings, hoping to have a word with him about Linda. Of course, that was impossible, but it was the primary motivation for the trip. I've remarked many times over the past thirty something years that if Linda and I had met, I was sure we would have hit it off instantly. I was so sad when she died, and I realized that it would never happen.

              I still feel so sad about her passing, and my heart hurts whenever I see or think about any of her kids. I wish I could give them all a big hug.

              Thank you for the thread, ((((((Liz))))))

                my thoughts are with Linda'a family today

                  Really sad day, i made this little video tribute for her this week. Hope you enjoy it


                    We Always Love You and Respect You...
                    You Are Sorely Missed!


                      Always missed

                        She was a very special lady.....but she still lives on through Paul, their kids, her passion for animal rights, her photography and more.

                        My heart goes out to Paul and their family today

                          There are no words to ezpress how this beautiful spirit has affected my life. I miss her so much, and one of my biggest regrets is never having been able to meet her, or even see her live on stage with her husband. I would have been every bit as excited to see her as him. Yes, she was that cool. I am lucky enough to be able to go to the exhibition of her photos in London next month, and I for one am happy it is not just stuff from Sixties. She was much more talented with a camera than she gets credit for. Like I said, Linda was awesome.
                          Linda pervades my life (for example, I am vegetarian), so I think of her quite often, but especially today and on her birthday, with different prevailing tones of course. Because today, though I try to celebrate her life and what she was, I can't help but miss her just a little bit more. If her life and death have impacted me so much, I cannot begin to imagine how Paul and their beautiful children must feel. I cannot believe she has been gone for ten years. But she lives on in her family and accomplishments, and I will be forever thankful for the parts of her life she chose to share with us.

                            Linda, you were and are a beautiful woman who is much missed by your family and friends.

                            Paul and family, my thoughts are with you today.


                              There a charming article in the Glasgow Herald today recalling recollections of Linda by locals that shared Paul and Linda's life in Scotland:

                              Click Here for the Glasgow Herald


                                Missing you Linda.
                                You left us way too soon.
                                I could never forget those magical years and I have looked up to you as a wonderful "clicker." Thanks for the inspirations.

                                  Great idea, ((((Liz))))! I just found this poem that I wrote, so I thought I'd share. (Yeah, it's old...but it's cool to see how my writing style has evolved. )


                                  I never knew you
                                  Yet I knew you well.
                                  I admired you from afar
                                  Although, I never knew why
                                  Until now.

                                  At first, I admired you
                                  Because you became a part
                                  Of something so important to me
                                  You suffered through
                                  All the trials of ignorance
                                  And you gave me courage
                                  I admired you for your strength.

                                  In spite of your position
                                  As Goddess, only to me
                                  You managed to remain real
                                  Kept true to you
                                  And to me
                                  I looked at you with wonder and amazement
                                  And ?eyes that shine,?
                                  I admired you for your perseverance.

                                  You held your own identity
                                  Even when you were made a Lady
                                  Your photos were beautiful
                                  An everlasting piece of you to treasure
                                  You had an eye for
                                  The beauty within
                                  I admired you for your beauty

                                  You stood up for causes
                                  In which you believed
                                  Righted the unjust, went veggie.
                                  You inspired me to believe
                                  That my opinions matter
                                  I joined you in your fight
                                  For animals universal
                                  I admired you for your inspiration.

                                  You raised a lovely family
                                  Much the same way Mom did me
                                  I?d often wish that I could be
                                  That close to you
                                  For you anchored me
                                  Down to earth, never a notch too high
                                  You loved your family
                                  Above all else
                                  Who else can achieve what you have so nicely?
                                  Never neglected, never unloved
                                  Your family is your greatest legacy
                                  I admired you for your gentle hand.

                                  You married my hero
                                  And loved him for years
                                  Dear Paul, I also cry your tears
                                  Love is sweetly sublime
                                  And lasts for all-time
                                  You will survive through

                                  Your gentle Knight
                                  Every song he?d written
                                  Painted a picture of you for my ears
                                  I admired you for your love.
                                  Look down on me from above.
                                  And smile.

                                  4.20.1998 11:45 am

                                    Linda has always reminded me of a perfectly formed Red Rose encapsulated in a human form hence part of why I chose my user name cause I've had friends of mine say I look like her and it's even more painful now because I know she would have adored the five grandchildren her and paul have now especially little bailey Stella's daughter who is partly named after her

                                    Here's the lyrics to a Selena Song That Reminds Me Of Them

                                    Amanezco y me acuesto contigo
                                    En mis suenos, siempre estás tú conmigo
                                    No hay momento en que no estoy pensando
                                    que por fin, tú me sigues amando
                                    Las estrellas están en tus ojos
                                    Aunque digan que están en el cielo
                                    Yo no sé de tristezas o enojos
                                    Con tu amor, corazón, me consuelo

                                    Aunque no salga el sol
                                    Aunque no salga el sol
                                    Vida mía
                                    Tu calor siempre corre en mis venas
                                    Aunque no salga el sol vida mía,
                                    Tú me alumbras
                                    Y calmas mis penas

                                      Although I hate to admit it, I've only become a fan of Paul since after Linda's passing (the day the Beatles' One album was released was the day I became a Beatles fan, and subsequently, a Macca fan, but that's a story for another day!).

                                      Since then, after countless hours of listening to his music, reading, learning, attending the US Tour of '05 and so on, it makes me wonder what it would've been like as a fan during the years of Wings and of course, Linda.

                                      I may now claim to be the ultimate Paul fan, but the one thing I lack is the experience prior to really being introduced to him. It's more than obvious that Paul had and has a great love and aadmiration for Linda, as do millions around the world including myself today, even though I wasn't around during these amazing years.

                                      Here's to the memory of an amazing woman, a dear friend to many, and the inspiration of a legend. You're very much alive in every record, every song and every heart.

                                        I have been thinking about this day for a while now. It's so very difficult to express how I feel about Linda McCartney. I don't remember the day that she died.

                                        First of all, when Paul married Linda I wasn't upset ( as many girl's my age were) Don't know why. I adore Paul and being a young teen at the time, was not quite sure how I would feel about him getting married. Watching the news clips on television, I remember thinking to myself, "she seems nice." I do remember having a good feeling about her. My feelings were right on the money. Only Linda was much more than nice. She was a strong, vibrant woman....someone that I could look up to.

                                        Linda was not afraid to take chances in life, and seemed to dive in full force with anything she set out to do.

                                        When I found out that Linda was going to be in Wings, my admiration for Paul soared. There was alot of mud-slinging towards Paul for putting his wife, who had no musical training, in his new band. I thought ,"Oh my God. This poor woman...How will she survive?" Her feelings may have been hurt, but she got right up there on stage, forged ahead, sang the harmonies, played the keyboards...Oh my God!!! Here is a woman with no musical training and she's in a band playing in major stadiums!! I want to add here that I thought she did a fantastic job!

                                        Years later I decided to go vegetarian which was partly inspired by Linda.Her cookbooks and tireless campaigning for animal rights helped me to keep focused on the reasons not to eat something that once had a face.

                                        I was elated to have seen Linda perform with Paul in 1989 and 93. Beautiful, beautiful lady!!

                                        Years later, my life took a turn and depression was killing me. This is why I have no memory of the day Linda died. Ten years ago I never thought I would live to see another day let alone another year.

                                        Here it is, a decade later...I am here. I am now living my life open to new ideas and trying to find myself, needing to discover my passion.

                                        I look to Linda for inspiration.

                                        When I find myself in a situation where the obstacles appear insurmountable....I think of Linda.

                                        I look to Linda for strength.

                                        I am forever grateful to Linda for helping me find my way back.

                                        Rest In Peace....

                                          always remembed always missed

                                            I can't believe as others have said, it's been ten years since Paul's lovely Linda, LILLY, mother of heather, Stella, Mary and James, and Girlfriend of Paul. I remember how Paul use to call her his GirlFriend, "yeah, she's my girlfriend." How sweet. One of my favorite photos of Linda and Paul is in my avatar.
                                            (((Linda))), there will never be another you in Paul's heart.