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      So sad. I'm sure her family misses her everyday. I have always been thankful that Paul married a photographer. He's sooo photogenic!!

      She was a very underrated lady. How many would not only learn some keyboard and harmonies, but she took the entire family on the road. She and Paul raised wonderful, well-rounded people. When Paul was Knighted and Linda was too sick to attend, she gave him an engraved pocket-watch "To My Knight in Shining Armor". So sweet.

      Mary has her Mom's photo-eye and Stella has her fashion sense.

        A sad day and we all miss you Linda. I was very sad to hear of Linda's death. My thoughts are with Paul and the Macca family today.

          Oour loss is heavens gain. I, as many, still miss Linda very much. Hard to believe 11 years went by. I hope Paul's found hapiness in Nancy but one things for sure he'll always have a speical place in his heart for his lovely lady Linda. Prayers and thoughts go out to the family today.

          I hope it's okay to post this. It's my Photobucket some of her pics throughout the years.

            RIP Linda; I miss you so much.
            Thank you for everything.

              Thanks, I sure enjoyed seeing all your pictures of Linda. I recall reading at her memorial service Paul commented "we sure had a good time making those babies and Linda sure was good at it" or something along those lines (paraphrased). I was sort of surprised he came right out and said that, there, but it was nice, actually. Very warm and loving words.
              Oh Lordy she got to make love with him so many times...she was so lucky to share all they shared, in life and music. She must have been extraordinary in her way, too, obviously. Doubtless she gets to see their grandchildren somehow from a spiritual realm. The Creator is too good not to arrange for that to happen

                Linda was such a great woman and my thoughts are with her family and Paul

                  RIP Lovely Linda. Thinking of the McCartney family.

                    ...I don`t know why but the last photos of her with her dark and short hair....she looked soooooooooo beautiful.

                    Miss her..

                      Thinking about Linda today. Sending Love to all her family and friends.
                      Beautiful, chic , talented, a good mother, animal lover, what more could one ask for?


                        Wonderfull My Love - with so much emotion - at coachella a few minutes ago.

                        I miss you Linda

                          Will never forget you Linda, you will always have a place in my heart for you were a very special lady.

                            Yes, what a wonderful lady!

                            Someone I used to work with said they'd been down in ..., shopping one day. They were in a green grocers store when they heard a woman with an American accent behind them. They turned round to see who it was and saw Linda buying some veg! He said he was struck how beautiful she was - a real natural beauty. He hadn't particularly been a fan but he said what a polite, pleasant mannered woman she came across as and was quite taken by her after that.

                            Sending my love, too, to her family and friends, who must think of her every day.

                              I will always remember the lovely Linda

                                RIP, Linda. I cried and cried upon hearing Paul play "My Love" for you at Coachella. Even after 11 years later, I think Paul's heart still aches from his loss.

                                It's really hard to believe it's been so many years since your passing--I still remember first hearing it on the news way back in the day and how startled I was to learn you were gone.

                                  Beautiful Linda...


                                    lindafan:Beautiful Linda...


                                    Hey lindafan...thanks for posting that clip...always loved that one. Wow, Paul singing 'Bluebird', then 'Michele' IN FRENCH!! OOOOOH LA LA .... Oh, this thread was about Linda wasn't it? kinda got distracted Anyway, she was a great lady. Kind of a love/hate relationship I had with her for a long time if you get my drift RIP Linda you are sorely missed.

                                      I saw My Love from Coachella on You Tube, I didn't have a dry eye around after seeing that dedication and the song.

                                        it is really sad..but as paul said: she loved the desert,she loved the music..she loved it all

                                        and we all love her...

                                          It was very evident at Las Vegas concert, that Linda was close in Paul's thoughts....very touching. She was a very special lady and Paul having these two concerts says alot doesn't it....

                                            Linda was the best!