Paul & Brian Wilsons song fro those who haven't heard it


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      A Friend like You....


        Thank you so much...I hadn't heard this one before!

          WOW! Super song!

          Is it offically released or will it be? I think this is really a beauty!

            It was officially released on Brian's "Getting In Over My Head."

            Paul also played "carrots" in the sixties on Brian's song "Vegetables".

              hofner36:A Friend like You....


              Thanks. Do you have the link for the duet Brian did with Elton John, by chance, which is on the same album? Thanks.

                I am so glad they had a singel together. It makes me proud of the High school I graduated from. Hawthorne High School, Hawthorne High schoo. same one that Brian and the Rest of the Beach boys graduated from
                Though I graduated a few years after they did.
                I am even proud that he teamed up with one of the world's other best composer for a song.
                love doris

                  Are you guys kidding? I absolutely love Brian and Paul, but this song is so hokey and cheesy.

                  The production is sub-par too, considering the masterpiece Brian's new SMiLE is.


                    I really liked this song.

                      great song!!

                        i don t like the song...

                          I like the song's integrity of being thoughtful and kind, caring and considerate
                          and [above all,] thankful and praising. A wonderful positive message.

                          That song could be in a church hymnal

                            I like Paul and Brian singing together but unfortunately the song is not one of Brian's better tunes. The Elton John and Eric Clapton collabarations on Brian's CD are much better.

                              I bought this album when it first come out and remember being really dissapointed in it. Not really up to the standard you would expect. I mean come on Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson together and this is what we get.

                                It is indeed a terrible song. (And perhaps Brian Wilson's weakest solo album).
                                They aught to tackle something much more "wacky". How about Paul gives Brian the "Men From Halifax" track from "Cold Cuts", to finish off? If Brian got into his "Smile" mode the result could be fascinating.