A big hug for Paul


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      Wish I could give him a big hug right now and tell him I just want him to be happy.
      Love you Paul.

        I think that is a great idea. Say Paul how about a big cyberspace group hug. All you need is love to make it happen
        love doris.

          Big hug for Paulie!!

            Great thread, dmmedic.

            A hug from me to you Paul.

              perhaps a hug for the couple would also be good.

                Yes, I think they are both in need of a hug.

                  Big hug for Heather too! Yay, share the love.

                    And one for little Bea also.

                      I've been sending comforting vibes his way. Hope they've arrived!

                        Big huggers from Michigan to Paul and his family.

                          ALL THE BEST PAULIE!!!
                          A big hug and kiss for you, of course!

                          LOVE, ValeRigby*

                            lets all pray for him

                              A big hug for Paul...

                                ya, a teedy bear hug. and a care bear one too.

                                  All I want to say, that I love you Paul! A very big hug from me with the little disturbing feeling of incapability. I want to help you, but I am useless a nobody, who just want to show her love for you! Wish I could be a comforting thought in you head or a warming sunshine on your chest.

                                    Whatever the case is, I love you Paul and if there was any way I could give you an ounce of happiness for how much happiness you've given me, I would do it. *BIG HUGS!!!*

                                      Dear Paul,
                                      Thinking of you &
                                      Wishing you peace, love and happiness.
                                      Thoughts and prayers are with you.

                                        Dear Paul, just know that there are millions of fans out there that want only the best for you and for you to be happy. You've given so many of us the most incredible music, warmth and love for over 40 years.

                                          Paul,I Love you!,We all love you....BIG HUG!

                                            A lot of prayers and good, hope-filled thoughts are being sent your way.
                                            Big, big HUGS to you!!