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      January 1985, International Musician and Recording World

        Time, May 31, 1976

          Alfa, May 2013 (Brazil)

            Guitar, September 1993

              Conde-Nast publications special collector's edition, June 2017

                Playgirl, June 1982

                  Playgirl, February 1985

                    People, April 21, 1975

                        McCartney's glam period.


                          McCartney's glam period.

                          Great cover, JoeySmith! Wonder what would have happened if the Beatles were the first rock 'n roll face painters, rather than Kiss or David Bowie... I'm sure the Bible thumpers would have been out in droves with their torches lol I think seeing a moptop was much easier for them to handle lol

                            Rolling Stone, June 17, 1976

                              Rolling Stone, 2013

                                Billboard, 2012

                                  Rolling Stone, 1986

                                    Le Figaro, 1991

                                      Rolling Stone, 2005

                                        I'm loving these everyone

                                          People, June 7, 1976

                                            Us, March 21, 1978