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      Paul McCartney and his girlfriend of four years, Nancy Shevell, are engaged to be married, sources tell PEOPLE.

      "Nancy and Paul are getting married," a source close to Shevell, 51, a New York businesswoman, tells PEOPLE. "Ring and all ? very exciting."

      The Beatles legend, 68, started dating Shevell in the Hamptons during the summer of 2007, and despite their 17-year age difference, a source close to the couple told PEOPLE they were a perfect pair.

      "They have the right chemistry," the source said. "They're both cool, chilled out and optimistic."

      The couple most recently stepped out on Monday for a gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

      This will be McCartney's third marriage: He married Linda McCartney in 1969 and Heather Mills in 2002. While his marriage with Mills ended in a messy divorce in 2008, McCartney didn't seem hesitant to give love another shot.

      "I just like being in love," he said of his budding romance with Shevell in 2008.

      His fiancée even won over the kids ? McCartney has five children: Heather, 48, Mary, 41, Stella, 39, James, 33, and Beatrice, 7 ? and, in 2009, a source close to Stella said the fashion designer was "thrilled for her father."


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        Congratulations Paul and Nancy!

        p.s.> it will be Paul's last time and 3 times is a charm.


            Ah, again. This is wedding-rumour no.????

              Good god, rumors sure do spread fast. Within an hour of People Magazine's "story," this news is ALL OVER the Web and all over Twitter.

              Kind of a bummer that they don't get to announce it on their own. And who knows whether it's accurate or not, since this all comes from an anonymous source who insists there is a ring.

              Hope they elope in Peru.

                ive heard that prince william and his wife kate have not been invited to the wedding

                  CONGRATS to Paul and Nancy.

                    Just read a funny comment about this on a Web site. Some guy called Paul's decision to wed a third time "the victory of hope over experience."

                      in the words of 'meat loaf'.

                      two out of three aint bad

                        Well, he has £ 459 million to spend....

                          Congratulations Paul!

                            I will only believe it when it comes from paul.

                              Happy for him, if it's true.

                                Yes..happy for him aswell!! Can't say I'm surprised....we all pretty much knew it was coming...just a matter of time. I mean he's just a HOPELESS Romantic, isn't he??...forever the optomist, just like moi, but, I'll never tie the knot again, however, I would have made an exception for Paulie ..lol.

                                  Before offering our congratulations, I think we should wait for some official confimation.

                                    I congratulate them for being a solid couple, regardless of a pesky, over-priced party.

                                      i wouldnt get to excited, dont you think it would be splattered over the news?

                                        Macsback:i wouldnt get to excited, dont you think it would be splattered over the news?

                                        its just been on the scottish news, congrats Macca

                                          As Linda once said, "Third time lucky!" Congrats, Paul and Nancy!

                                            Macsback:i wouldnt get to excited, dont you think it would be splattered over the news?

                                            It is.